VIDEO: 2014 BMW M3 Turbo (F80)

The BMW M3 has had many different motor combinations, but up until now, they have all been naturally aspirated engines. Everything from a 4 cylinder to a inline 6, to the latest with a V8, the BMW M3 engines have always been excellent. For the 2014 BMW M3, BMW is going back to a inline 6, but this time with turbo power.

The current M3 produces 414 horsepower from it’s 4.4L V8, but the 2014 M3 will have about 450 horsepower from the inline 6 turbo. The BMW F80 platform will have the 6 speed manual transmission or a seven speed dual clutch transmission, though there have been rumors that BMW might want to get rid of the manual transmission option for the F80.

The F80 M3 will be a bit bigger than the current BMW M3, but will make use of many lightweight materials to actually bring the weight down. A lighter M3 with more power, look for it in 2014! In the meantime, check the video above to listen to the turbocharged symphony coming from the 2014 M3 while BMW is testing it on the Nurburgring.

We’re excited to see what the aftermarket will offer for the new M3, and we can’t wait until we can hear the turbo engine through a performance M3 exhaust.

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