The new 2014 BMW M4 and 2014 BMW M3


BMW revealed the details for their 2014 BMW M3 sedan as well as the 2014 BMW M4 coupe. Both of these new BMW machines are powered by the same 3 liter engine that develops 431 hp. Both cars have blistering acceleration as compared to the previous year – accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds with the six speed manual gearbox and 4.1 seconds with the seven speed double clutch. The vehicles have been limited to a top speed of 250 km/h which is still excessively quick. In addition, they have excellent fuel mileage considering their performance nature.

Regulations in the United States as far as omissions go are slightly different from the UK meaning that the American versions of the M3 in the M4 may develop 425 hp and 406 foot-pounds of torque. The gearbox has been adjusted to still keep these cars very competitive and they will accelerate from 0 to 60 mi./h in 3.9 seconds with the automatic gearbox and 4.1 seconds with the manual gearbox that comes with the US version of the car. Somehow the US automatic version seems to be the fastest for accelerating probably due to gear ratio adjustments.


But what are we getting between the M3 and the M4 that makes them so different?

Even though the two cars have completely identical powertrains and very similar numbers as far as performance goes the M3 is a little bit larger and a little bit taller than the M4 meaning that it might not give you the same type of performance handling as you would in the M4.

The M4 has also been lightened to just 1497 kg where is the M3 ways 1520 kg. It surprising that this power to weight ratio doesn’t have a bigger effect on power, but you can definitely feel it in the sporty handling of the car.

Both cars come complete with the programmable M-Drive manager, quad exhaust tips and a track ready engine with an oil supply system that will keep the car running at peak efficiency as you push it to the limits. The M4 will also come with a new throttle “blipping” function and a specialty transmission that’s very different. The addition of the M4 that comes with a seven speed gearbox comes with a carbon fiber reinforced drive shaft, stability clutch control and a specialty cruise control.

Overall both cars have been lightened from their predecessors and BMW is offering both editions with a number of BMW performance parts that are synonymous with the M edition of their vehicles. Standard bucket seats, specialty leather, an upgraded Bluetooth system and a professional media package make this car a marvel inside and you can customize it even further should you choose.

With a wide array of other options including full LED headlights, high beam assistant, heads-up display, active cruise control, satellite navigation, iDrive touch controller and more. You can outfit the new version of the BMW M4 and M3 however you see fit.

We love these two new cars, and we know the aftermarket is going to take to them immediately. Can’t wait to see these two cars modded!

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