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Donk – 10 of the biggest wheels we’ve seen on a car or a truck

We’ve seen some big rims in our time, but lately the style is to go-big-or-go-home. We’ve put together this collection of 10 of the biggest rims we have seen yet, and invite you to add your comments if you have seen bigger. Also, what do you think of this style? The practice of putting big wheels on an older car is called a “donk”, but some newer models are getting the big wheel treatment as well.

Most times a donk is a car from the 70s, 80s or early 90s and is usually American built or a Lexus. You often need to lift the car to fit the large wheels, and many times you need to do also do heavy suspension work and fender work. Most wheels on a donk are from 22″ to 30 inch but some do go bigger.

Above: Our first donk is a classic Chevy Caprice, which is a very popular car to lift and put huge wheels on. You’ll notice that these big wheels are see through, a new style and trend we’ve noticed.

Above: Donk’s aren’t limited to sedans. This Corvette, with side exit headers was lifted and fitted with incredibly large wheels. We think this is a fake corvette, and they only used the body and put it over a different chassis.

Above: Looks like you can also turn a limo into a donk… why? why not! This limo has been lifted so the chassis sits above the wheels as the wheels are too large to fit into the fenders. My question is, how do they even get into this car?

Above: This donk might not have the biggest wheels, but it sure looks like one of the highest one’s I’ve seen. If the limo above looked hard to get into, this one boggles my mind even further.

Above: Looking to have the biggest wheels on any vehicle ever? Check out this Toyota SUV with 40″ wheels – absolutely incredible. I wonder how much each tire costs!

Above: Very unique. A Hummer H3 is fitted with wagon wheels. Not sure how it drives since it has almost no rubber on the tires, but I’d imagine it’s more for show than for go.

Above: One of the most colorful donk Camaro’s I’ve seen. The wheels look huge, likely over 34″ rims on this one.

Above: The Chevy Avalanche has become a popular platform to convert into a donk. Check out this one with some of the biggest wheels we have seen. We’d love to take a peek at this truck’s suspension!

Above: These are the biggest wheels we have seen on a Ford Explorer, even better than any Ford Expedition we’ve seen.

Above: The Chevy Impala used to be the classic low-rider, but now it’s being converted into a donk with the biggest wheels around.

So what do you guys think? Is this trend here to stay or is it a dying fad? Any of you have a donk or want one? Leave your comments below!

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  1. not being offensive but the top is called box chevy, not a donk but the donks were the chevy caprice or impalas in 1971-1976 or something close to that

    1. Huh? A box Chevy is a body style. A donk is any car with ridiculously sized, impractical and ugly rims that’s been lifted.

      1. False a donk is 71 the 76 chevy impala or caprice convertible hardtop or glass house

  2. Heard about wheels like this being “taco’d” by speed bumps. Anyone else? Seems to me, the wheels need some sort of DOT approval to be street legal, so maybe it was an urban myth.

    1. I could imagine the wheels on the yellow ‘vette getting taco’d on a speed bump pretty easily, due to the big gaps between the spokes.

      I’m surprised that Mercedes hasn’t flipped over going around a bend/corner yet. Terrifyingly top-heavy.

  3. the vette is pretty close to the worst photoshop job I have ever seen… check the shadows, the sun angle on the body compared to the background… not even close…

  4. I wouldn’t have one if it was given to me.

  5. That super fake 40″ Toyota Landcruiser is pretty bad too. look at the size of lug pattern. The clearance behind wheels are way too high off of the ground. also the wheels/tires on the other side are much smaller. 40″ my arse.

  6. Anyone that would do that to a car, especially a corvette, would suck a cock the length of a 10 dollar clothesline and what he couldn’t suck, he would throw kisses at. And he should have his asshole removed and be shot and pissed on.

    1. Aww

  7. 28 and up. big shit popping little shit stopping around me

  8. I literally lol’d at how well the comments here back up the saying that “Haterz gon’ hate!” The roller skate look doesn’t do it for me either to be honest, but I still give them props for having a vision and making it a reality. I’ve lifted a few box Chevy’s for customers, and found this looking for ideas bc I have a customer that wants 12-16″ of lift on a bubble Chevy. Not my thing but his money is green so I’ll build whatever he wants for a price. That avalanche makes my sticker peck up! That’s where art meets engineering. To get that much rim behind a fender and not cut tires or destroy sheet metal when turning and adjusting height is not easy. All of these pictures are real I believe. I think I have seen the SUV on 40’s in a magazine, I would guess that it belongs to Yokohama and was built to show off their 40″ tire when it came out. The shadows under the corvette are because it’s under a pavilion with artificial lighting. The OP was on the right track about it only being a vette body, vettes have independent rear suspension and I would guess that that’s a gm 10 bolt which is what comes under G body and A body chassis either of which would be a good donor chassis. Don’t hate, educate!

  9. Absolutely hideous cars. If I saw one in my neighborhood I’d call 911. No doubt the driver and passengers are felons or else where would a dude from the ‘hood get the money for $9000 worth of rims for a $500 car?

  10. Some of these photos are PhotoShopped a.k.a no real… So even if you don’t like what you see, you waisting your energy on something that doesn’t even exist. P.S. the Camaro is on 32’s

  11. I’d like to have one for display

  12. If we can respect the imports. the big trucks , lowriders and other customize car ,we should respect the donk game . Now white people are getting into the donk game. And not all of us are felons and criminals. If u have a problem with big rims talk to the companies that make them

  13. well said

  14. I really don’t get the attraction? Why? Even the tires cost more, then you feel every bump in the road, have to worry about hitting pot holes.

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