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Ford F150 and Raptor Off Road Tow Hooks

You don’t know until you need it.

This is the common thoughts of many people that go off roading or overlanding. If you browse the forums or browse social media groups, many people ask “What do I need to make sure i have when I go overlanding for the first time?” Many responses they receive are along the lines of “Go on your trip, take what you think you need, and you’ll learn after your first time what to bring the next time”.

Decent advice, but I do recommend you try to think of *everything* you need in at least one department – getting stuck.

Many times, overlanders go out on their own or with a friend and both are not properly equipped. You can be deep in isolation and realize that your truck or SUV can’t make it over an obstacle or even worse, gets stuck. So if you get stuck, what do you do? You need to pull yourself out!

The simplest modification – if your vehicle doesn’t already have one – is a tow hook. Tow hooks are an inexpensive way to ensure you have something on your vehicle that you can latch a winch or recovery gear to your truck to pull yourself out of a tight spot such as mud or sand. And for many vehicles that weigh over 5000 lbs, you do need to ensure you have a tow hook that can withstand extreme pulling and weight.

Above: Borne Off Road Tow Hooks

Borne Off Road, a Mishimoto company, has created an ulta high strength tow hook that fits the Ford F150 and Ford F150 Raptors. These tow hooks are available in 5 different colors and are a bolt on to your truck. They have a knurled surface to ensure optimal grip so you can also use it to stand on when you need to reach something in your engine bay.

Borne Off Road says:

Minor upgrades can make a significant impact on the overall presence of your truck. Borne Off-Road recognizes this, and we’ve designed a set of aggressively styled tow hooks to separate your truck from the rest. Our tow hooks are precision designed with the latest 3D modeling software and are constructed from durable CNC-machined billet 6061 T-6 aluminum. In addition, we offer numerous powder-coated finishes to ensure long-term durability and corrosion resistance. In addition to improved aesthetics, we’ve also added some utility to this component. The upper surface of our tow hook features a custom knurled design, which ensures you have proper grip when using the tow hooks as a standing point for working in the engine compartment.

These Borne Off-Road tow hooks are designed to install using the factory hardware and include our signature lifetime warranty, ensuring a lifetime of service.


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