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VIDEO: Subaru BRZ Turbo – 11.3@127 Quarter Mile

So what happens when you take a Subaru BRZ (Scion FR-S twin) with a stock engine and transmission, and add on a turbo kit? You get a lightweight rear wheel drive coupe that makes 440 horsepower at the rear wheels and runs an incredible 11.2@127.4 in the quarter mile! Amazing!

A Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S with a turbo kit is one of our favorite cars on the market. The lightweight chassis, rear wheel drive configuration, and great sounding boxer motor make this a great car for enthusiasts. The stock engine, transmission and rear end are proving to be very strong, and can support this car with 440+ rear wheel horsepower, which is about 500 or more horsepower at the crank!

As far as we know, this car has an AP Turbo Kit, reprogrammed factory ECU, and an exhaust system with no catalytic converter. I am sure it has an aftermarket clutch, such as a Clutch Masters Stage 2, but don’t know for sure.

Check out the video above, and listen to how awesome this car sounds!

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