BMW F85 X5M Fi Valved Exhaust – Before/After Sound Clips

The F85 BMW X5M comes from the factory with an exhaust that for many people sounds loud, aggressive and just right. But for enthusiasts who want to hear the spinning of the turbos, the pops, bangs and crackles, the factory exhaust just won’t do.

The S63 twin turbo 4.4L V8 in the F85 X5M is begging to make more power. One of the easiest modifications you can do is to unclog the stock exhaust by replacing it with a free flowing exhaust with larger and smoother exhaust piping and a more free flowing muffler. In comes the FI exhaust with quad carbon fiber tips as seen in our video above.

The FI Exhaust (or Frequency Intelligent) allows you to control the valves with a phone app that makes it easy to keep the valves closed when you want the exhaust to be quieter or to open the valves when you want the exhaust to scream like an exotic race car.

Some other exhausts, such as the Dinan Exhaust are designed to replace just the muffler section and need to be installed by cutting the factory exhaust at two points. You then end up reusing the OEM valve actuators. This makes for a less expensive exhaust, but unlike the FI exhaust, you do retain the rest of the stock piping.

Check out the video above for sound clips – enjoy!

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