Forum Wars – What is the most popular automotive forum?

We get some customers asking us what automotive forum that we recommend to learn more about their favorite cars as well as meet fellow enthusiasts. We usually recommend the same typical forums based on which ones we know are some of the more popular ones. We usually recommend the same 5 forums depending on the type of car the customer has, and just recently decided to see how many users each one had. We also thought it was important to not only see the users, but the monthly average users to which which were the most active. As we learned more about the forums and the users on them, we decided it would be fun to put this all together and share what we found.

An interesting thing we found was forum progression of the users of these forums. Since these are all popular forums and popular cars, many of the same users go from forum to forum when they change cars. We’ve found from our unscientific research that many of the enthusiasts from these forums have at one time or another wanted or have had a car from another forum. For example, a Honda enthusiast might also have a Subaru or a BMW. A VW enthusiast might also have a BMW. We love the fact that while there are truly diehard enthusiasts devoted to one manufacture, there is also a lot of interest across the manufactures.

There are other forums which are more popular, but we found ourselves recommending these the most since many of our customers are enthusiasts for these manufactures.

Do you belong to any of these forums? Which one is your favorite?

We researched (a Subaru enthusiast forum), (a Honda and Acura Forum), vwvortex (a Volkswagen and Audi Forum), (a BMW forum) and (a Nissan and Infiniti Forum)

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Forum Wars – What is the most popular automotive forum?
Forum Wars – What is the most popular automotive forum?

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