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Hoonigan: 2JZ F150 vs 572 Big Block K5 Jimmy Drag Race

The guys at Hoonigan are back at it.

Hoonigan is known for their crazy drag race videos and this one is no exception. In this video, the guys have an amazing 2JZ F150 that they put up against a 1978 Big Block 572 K5 Jimmy.

The 2JZ F150 Lightening looks so awesome in red. Lowered, big turbo and a fully custom build that lays down some serious power. They call the lightening the “freightning” and it’s based on the Fast and the Furious parts truck. Power comes from a Garrett turbo which is all controlled through a Haltech. Transmission is a T56 with a Tilton clutch.

The 2JZ F150 is up against a big block 572 Chevy K5 Jimmy that’s lifted with big off road wheels. The 572 Big Block 1978 K5 Jimmy is built by Smeading Performance and makes an impressive 733 horsepower.

Check out the video below to see who win’s this drag race!

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