Free Car Sponsorships & Free Parts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

And so the saying goes… “nothing in life is free”. Or is it? Something popular amongst automotive enthusiasts is a car sponsorship. It can come in the form of a full or partial sponsorship and generally is marketed to people as a “free car sponsorship”. But what does this mean? We have many customers that read about this online, get confused over what it actually entails, and then ask us if we offer free car sponsorships. We decided we would put something together, and then direct people here as a point of reference to allow them to better understand The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of “Free Car Sponsorships”.

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The Good

What is a car or truck sponsorship?
So let’s get the basics out of the way. A sponsorship is when a manufacture sponsors you and your car because they believe that you have what it takes to do marketing for them. They believe that if they give you free car parts, that you would put them on your car or truck and then represent them in car shows, tell your friends about them, and talk about them on forums. Basically you are helping to market and advertise them. There’s nothing wrong with this, and in fact, it’s a great way for people to get performance parts for their cars, and a great way for manufacturers to get the word out about them and their products. Race teams are almost always sponsored, and receive money to race and compete, which usually involves using the manufacturer’s parts on your race car in addition to lots of branding in the form of stickers and other advertising.

So what’s the deal with free car sponsorships?
There are a bunch of places out there that lure you in with this phrase. They encourage you to apply for a free car sponsorship to see if there’s a manufacturer who wants to work with you, likes what you have already done with your car, and feels you will be a good fit to be a part of their brand. It’s very tempting. Maybe you go to shows already or maybe you race your car on the weekends at the drag strip or autocross. It would be great to have some free parts if all you need to do is to put a few stickers on your car… right?

The Bad

Sounds great! What can possibly go wrong?
Here’s where we feel that some of these places take advantage of people. They get you excited that you have an opportunity to get a car sponsorship, and ask you to sign up. When you sign up, they say you will get reviewed. This review process can take anywhere from 24, 48 or 72 hours. Apparently what they are doing is sending pictures of your car, and your list of modifications, to manufacturers asking if they like what they see. Often times, what happens is that they actually don’t send your application to anyone. They reply to you, and they say “Congratulations! You have won a partial sponsorship!” What a partial sponsorship means, is that you will get parts for your car, but you have to pay for them. They say that the partial sponsorship means that while you do have to pay for the parts, they give you a significant discount on them. A customer has told us that the price they had to pay for a part, after their partial sponsorship, wasn’t much cheaper than what they could find online.

Sometimes they offer you a cash sponsorship. The deal is that they will pay you to put stickers and banners on your car. This might be good for some people, but keep in mind that you would need to be contractually obligated to attend a certain amount of shows, or race in a certain amount of races to make sure that the manufacturer gets their money’s worth.

The Ugly

Ok, so this doesn’t sound too bad… I want to try it. Anything I need to look out for?
So far the “bad” listed above isn’t necessarily so bad. The manufacturer is offering you a discount on parts, cash or a combination in exchange for marketing them and their products. Usually this can be a fair exchange. The problem is when this gets advertised as a “free car sponsorship”, since you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to be a part of a program like this. Might work for some people, and if it does, then you should try it.

What we wanted to warn about, was places that charge you a free to enter your car to get a sponsorship. My nature, sponsorships are supposed to be free.. an exchange of parts for cash for advertising. Be careful of places that charge you money to enter your car and promise that you have the the best chances of winning a sponsorship because you are paying to enter.

Should I do this?

Don’t get us wrong… we’re not saying that all car sponsorships aren’t what they seem. It can definitely work for some people. However, be careful of what you are signing yourself up for. Just know that no one gives out free stuff and expects nothing in return. The point of finding sponsors is that they give you what you need to represent them the way they want to be represented. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not always going to be what it seems. Also, if your car is bone stock or just has a few little mods, it would be way more difficult to get a sponsorship.

What we would recommend is to reach out to manufacturers yourself. Find ones that are local to you. Even find a performance shop that’s in your area. Tell them what car or truck you have, and ask them if they want to use your vehicle to test fit parts on. Usually they need vehicles for parts fabrication and fitment, and they let you keep the parts for free after in exchange for them using your car. Check their websites also… sometimes they have a section called “Vehicles Wanted”. Check their Facebook pages as well, you will usually find them asking for customers with specific cars all the time to test parts on. It’s all out there, you just need to look, and this is indeed free!

Share your experience

Have you ever submitted your car or truck for a sponsorship? How did it go? What was the outcome? Share with us below!

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  1. my experience was paid for by the got me with some decals like 2 free thing then they changed the site on me and never gave me ever thing i was promised now I’m trying to find a real sponsors support and other way to make my dream as a drift car driver come true

    1. Can you help me in getting sponsor

  2. ^ bud I’ve been trying to find real sponsors and there just hard to fine by

    1. You all need to think outside of the box. Sponsors are easy to get. Your just not going to get it with a Motorsports Business because others have screwed that up for people looking such as yourself. Remember think outside the box.

      1. Bro I got something an it’s pissing off ppl cuz under the nose big game changer need intake know him on a hunch

      2. Bro I got something an it’s pissing off ppl cuz under the nose big game changer need intake know him on a hunch

  3. Freecarsponsors is a scam they charge you $80-100 to enter sen d you two decals if anything then cut you off
    if its a real sponsor why are you paying and the fee that got real parts got eBay parts I recently talked to aem and vivid and they
    only give discounts wich weren’t even discounted prices more like $2 off of shipping or item that had free shipping you get $2 off the cost

  4. Hello Redline360, Maaco is doing a Half Sponsor, Half Barter Dodge Viper Blue with White Racing Stripes Paint Job . Basically It Needs everything, engine parts, suspension, interior, etc. Soon it will have a body kit like the one in below link =

    Thankyou in advance for any and all help, also sponsor ideas and people to contact would be appreciated. I got this Car on my birthday 12-8-2013 and even had to live in it briefly after being robbed of all possesions / tools /clothes/ washer dryer/ now I am in a newly remodeled home, new roof, tilt in windows, siding,m paint,tile, now I am going back into sales ands phasing out of Handyman work off and on since 1991. And I really need my car to be able to get everywhere USA for Sales and Minstry work.Thanks again. DWS.

  5. Is this actually legit? I’m looking for sponsors for my 84 Mustang, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. I have a 1993 bmw 525I that I drive and want to get sponssered I love giveing my car positive attention n I love driving fast

  7. I have a 1999 Nissan Altima I would love to get sponsered, free stickers or products,,,you can find me at summit raceway thanks

  8. I have an 08 Subaru wrx hatchback and I have three sponsors all partial sponsors but I reached out to them personally and sent them huge emails saying what shows I go to meets ect.. One of my sponsors is a local business that I help out at in return for a good discount sometimes free work, another sponsor gave me a 50% discount in return for puting there sticker on my car and the contract I signed didn’t say I had to attend a certain amount of shows or anything they just put the trust in you to advertise for them. And my last sponsor have me free clothes stickers and a 10% discount off any products I order off there site. So my advice is just don’t be afraid to send large emails or letters with all your info about you, your car, and what shoes you plan to do and what you plan to do to your car.

    1. I was looking up some info for a friend. He just bought a Nissan 350z, started racing and is pretty good. Anyway, he has only upgraded three things. He was wanting to know how to get sponsored as well. Since I read your post I will pass some info onto him as to how-to.

    2. Exactly look at it like this, your sending a resume for work but it’s going to be and Professional about you, car, etc. But what they really want to know is how you plan to market them and increase there revenue. Talk about you but focus on sponsor and how it can be a win win for both. Also stay thinking outside of box and you will get Sponsors. I have 10 and I find it so easy I’m replacing them with new ones as I meet with a CEO to a company and landed another.
      Stay focused on the prize and what your going to do to get that prize

  9. I would love my car to be sponsored

  10. Hey guys. I have a 2008 Mazda Rx8. It would be great if someone got me sponsored. I know an Rx 8 can be pretty sexy when Moded.

  11. Im a owner of 2011 Volkswagen Gti 2.0 TSI engine with 6speed manual transmission and I never been in car sponsorship before and one day like to upgrade headlamps,taillights,and if possible like to upgrade wheels.I Wonder if you guys can me out please!

    1. Hey, John, upgrading your rims/wheels is one of the easiest modifications you can make. Often times, you can just clean your rims thoroughly and then paint them black. This can often enhance your car’s appearance and should only take about two hours. Also, black rims look good on almost any vehicle of and color. I would advise doing this.

  12. Im a owner of 2011 Volkswagen Gti 2.0 TSI engine with 6speed manual transmission and I never been in car sponsorship before and one day like to upgrade headlamps,taillights,and if possible like to upgrade wheels.I Wonder if you guys can help me out please!

  13. Hi I have a 2009 BMW m6 convertible professionally painted matte white with full rpi section 1 2 and 3 exhaust rpi catless headers Dinan 3.91 ring and pinion with Dinan Salisbury track differential Dinan throttle bodies ess vt2 650 supercharger with ess smg tune and smg tune for the supercharger have carbon fiber trunk spoiler carbon fiber mirrors carbon fiber front spoiler carbon fiber rear diffuser and carbon fiber grills it has red interior with carbon fiber all inside it and have 20 inch brand new carbon fiber wheels the headlights can change up to 20 different colors with the remote also have a 9500ci radar with front and rear laser hammers the dyno made 622 to the wheel

    Was wondering if u wanted to sponsor my car for a low compression build and upgrading the blower and fuel system and pulley?

  14. I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra special edition I’m trying to turn into a illegal racing car….

  15. Let me know of a free sponsoredship so I can turn this car into my future illegal racing machine….

  16. Thank you for information. I have a 2012 chrysler 200 that I am looking to upgrade. I’m fresh out of high school doing little things at a time. I recently bought a Weapon-R Dragon for her. I would love to turn my car into a head spinner if you know what I mean.

  17. I have a 1993 Nissan 300zx twin turbo, it was my dream car ever since I was a kid. I finally purchased it, not in the best conditions, needs a new body kit, paint, rear spoiler (wing) and rims. These are just the cosmetics, it’s engine is a beauty. It’s spotless. I would love some help getting it done. Being raised in a home with an alcoholic father was hard. Never much money in the house. I have a dream also about becoming a marine. It took me a year to enlist. Then finally when I was at bootcamp I was sent home after two months of training. I got discharged over a lie with a Corpsmen. Now that I’m home, it’s hard to get a job with a general discharge and being straight out of high school as well as no job experience makes it hard to make money to get it done. I’m planning on re enlisting and getting what I started with bootcamp and my dream car. I would love the help with my car. Anything helps…

  18. Hey guys I need help. I just got a 98 Honda civic lx. I want to start getting sponsorships but not sure what websites to use or even where to go to be honest. Can anyone help me get to the right place without getting screwed over. This will be my first car I fully mod out, so I don’t want to get screwed on my first time. Thank you.

  19. Have a 2014 Chevy sonic hatchback, looking to get a few mods but currently hasn’t got anything but a system in it….

  20. I have a mint 1993 Toyota that all ready has some high quality mods to it. I take it to the track and show car events I would love to get some sponsors and travel all the time going to car shows/races all the time and I allready know many people in the car community I love cars they really are art to me and is my biggest passion!! 🙂

  21. i have a g35. pretty but has megan racing coils. rev up swap, welded stiff diff knuckles everything done, cyborg intake by injen, and ungoverned lol shes my track drift missle slammed with an inven body kit all black with gold,blue,green,and red flakes. what kinda parts u got id love to show them off at the track and have the boys want em too! join my team brothas or let me join urs!! lol (0_o)

  22. I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima se it’s stock so it would be nice to have a sponsor so I can modify the car make it look great to it’s full potential so I can take it to car show and display it and show the world what my sponsors help me create

  23. I have a 95 mitsubishi expo thats stock. Theres alot of car shows around my area and would love to show of my sponsors.

  24. I’m looking for a sponsor for my camaro. I have a rust free 79 Z28 I am restoring but it’s not stock engine and trans wise. It has a brand new 388 worker roller motor and very well built 350 trans. Body is all stock though. Wish I could up load a pic of the ole girl. With the set up I have now I should be able to bring it in the tens.

  25. I have an 07 dodge ram 2500 6.7 cummins turbo diesel that I would love to build to 750hp I just dont have that kind of money I do drag races and would love to show off my truck

  26. I have a Chevy Silverado 1999 6.0l gasoline-powered, it has a rancho lift kit with toyos, also tow mirrors and a full kicker audio audio system, I also installed LEDs and had custom made the muffler and exhaust pipe coming through the front of the rear end tire sounds like a tiger. I would love to be sponsored because all the upgrades have mad to it are costly and my college isn’t free either.anything would help thank you

  27. My friend has a 7 second WRX and I want to get him some rims for his birthday so we can be even better friends. His birthday is December 25th. The same as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please help me get Jesus some new rims with your sponsorship.

  28. I’m looking for sponsors for my 1992 acura integra I have tons of work done so far and want to continue to move forward

  29. I’m looking for a sponsorship for my 93 240 SX s pretty quick but its needing some much-needed upgrades

  30. Hey people! I have extremely bad news for you. If you want to be full sponsored in any way, you have to be well known. Meaning that you have a better chance meeting chuck norris in a bar than getting a free turbo kit for your car. My advice to you is to quit your job at mcdonalds (yes i know you think you deserve 15/hr), get a big boy job, and show yourself that you can do it on your own.

  31. I have a 1995 Ford Windstar/Nissan Skyline, yes my van has been modded using the chassis, suspension, engine and trans from said Skyline. As of now I am able to run 10.7 1/4 mile @ 190mph. I would like to get some sponsors to improve my speed and handling so I can get to an 8sec van.

  32. I got a 1989 Toyota mr2 mint body I wana build the engine up with my sponsorship because I don’t have the money to build a race car

    1. Well my name is Zack I just turned 20 I have a 00 Honda Civic an I’ve always been in to building cars it’s a big goal in my life to have a built car an growing up I’ve always helped my farther with his truck before he had passed and I was supposed to get it but his mother took it away from me so I never got get so badly do I want to build my own

  33. I have a 2004 Audi Quattro a6 2.7 twin turbo sline I’m looking for someone for sponsoring my car it is a big head Turner now.

  34. Hi I got a 1984 Pontiac fire bird and need sponsors to finish my project And I need actual free sponsors. Because I’m really running low on money the budget. Is tight and I finish the body need engine parts if u can help thank you

  35. Hi I’ve got a 92 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 (((99 conversion wide body))) undergoing serious upgrades and modification and I’m wanting to get this thing sponsored and completed!
    In middle of swapping the 3.0 out for a stroked 3.7 liter… a little more info: I’ve got
    Over 15k invested in current build and sold my daily… I still need a fmic (front Mount intercooler) kit, nitrous, wheels, suspension, AEM ECU and seats or custom covers. I’ve got plenty of goodies

    Like billet 20t TD04HL extremely responsive 750awhp Turbo’s, a built and reinforced drivetrain, ported and port matched heads, ported headers, ported turbine housings, custom 3″ single 2″ split dual exhaust, matching multi color halo 99 conversion headlights /undercarriage /interior lighting, adjustable cam gears, clear timing covers lighted, polished upper and lower intakes, 1,500hp capable built 4 bolt block (still fitting pistons at machine shop), AEM boost/wide band gauges. Anti glare full windshield tint + light tint all the way around custom fiberglass subwoofer box and square sub in back etc… I would be nice to get this thing finished and shown at some car shows!

  36. Hi guys i am in south africa i am 14 years old i love drifting and racing i want a sponsor to help mee to start my live with drifin racin drifting and doing alot of driftin i am intrestet an i will do enuigh thing to be a driver plees help me get sponsors

  37. I have a 94 honda civic with a built b16a3 would love to get a sponsor to be able to finish and make it what I know it can become right now income is really low to put money in my project so I can show it off for the car that I know it can be

  38. Greetings everyone. This is a great website. My name is Stephanie Bocade and my Instagram is @stephanie_salomey_bocade. I have a all stock FRS Scion 2013. I am pretty sure everyone here has thier car modded in this page. My dream is to be top female drag racer in the NHRA and top fuel. I have been competing and winning. I enjoy racing and I have drag raced since I was 17 I am now 25. I would like to get sponcered and help promote a company. Find me at Irwindale Speedway every Thursday where I practice. Sponcers done hesitate in emailing me. Thanks.

    1. That sounds awesome. Try places like napa, weaver, and small auto shops around town. Then you can go beat john force at the finals.

  39. Looking for a sponsor for my 2000 mustang SRS 3.8 v6..0utta of Oklahoma

    1. Hello everyone,I’m called Fayez and please am looking for someone to help me sponsor a car I want to build but do not have the money to do it.Am in Cameroon a country in Africa.this is my facebook name; fayez raf.please try to help me look for a sponsor.

  40. I got a Nissan sentra gxe 98 and I wants to upgrade the engine but I don’t have much money so I need some help to upgrade it what do I can do to get house power on torke with super power stroke

  41. I want to create a new car completely from scrap so I am finding sponsors for it.

  42. Hi i am currently 17 i have a few cars id like to try to get a sponsorship on at least one i have a 2000 Canadian model civic si a 67 mustang fastback and a 57 chevy Belair thanks contact me through instagram plz @human_after_.all the 57 was a street car in the 70s so its got a built motor (needs overhauling ) and the mustang needs a new motor and transmission they both need some cosmetic work and paint wheels whold be nice the civic is stock other than straight pipes

  43. Hello car guy,and gals. I just filed out an application for car sponsor and less then 6 hrs i was told my ride didn’t make the cut. Come on now, my dad passed last year,and in the garage sat this 77′ sj, ttop pontiac grandprix that has not been touched in 35yrs. I would like to see more muscle cars out there, not that I don’t like tuners but everyone has em’. I think the reason is, like me younger guys get cars passed down and can’t afford the high costs of parts. I’ll keep searching for the rite sponsor cause I know my gp I worthy of car shows and advertising. Thanks guys! And remember make em fast,loud, and jaw dropping!

  44. I have a white 1982 c10 Chevy Silverado SWB in the Dallas, Tx area I am curious about getting sponsored. I am in high-school, but I am not stupid and have and will see scams coming. A lot of people at my school have custom vehicles, and love my truck. There has only been four previous owners I know of. I have even found the original owner. Many people have offered me cash for my truck, but I am not selling. Sadly the transmission recently went bad and the second owner put a dent in the front passenger side. The repairs will cost $2000.00; $1200 for body damage, $800 for a new transmission. But I don’t have that kind of money. I will drive this daily, and used to with just the dent. I would get a lot of attention, even with the dent, driving it. I was going to put it in local car shows, there are quite a few, when I fixed the dent, but then the transmission gave up. I will also post in different forums about my sponsor. I love vehicles and think my truck needs better taken care of. I can’t stand her sitting in front of my house and I want to show her off. I’ve also wanted to start drag racing, but know I need to work on my truck so I don’t get creamed.

  45. I have a 1994 honda accord ex. 2.2 vtec. I have a DC Catbackp racing exhaust on it already. Looking to do a few other thingside such as cold air intake, headers, performance chip, and boosting it along the line. Oh yea don’t let me for get to add I wanna do wheels as well. I do attend local shows but have not entered my car yet. Can someone help me with these goals?

    1. Get a good paying job. Buy a better car… Honda’s are junk EX isn’t really a sporty car. Maybe the SI but still a Honda. 1st or 2nd gen DSM’s would be a good start. Move up to Evo’s and STI’s once you have good cash flow. Maybe go with a 3000GT VR4. Just get away from the Honda’s

  46. I have a 2002 ford taurus I need a sponser to give me free stickers and anything they can give with in reason.

  47. I have an 01 Jetta 1.8 turbo Wolfsburg edition yes it’s stock but that’s only for now I’m dumping money into it I’ll attend events that is in my stage of power if anyone knows any local I’ll be racing Belmont drag next year as well not many mod cars but they have potential! This is a dream for me so I’ll pursue it with a sponsor or no sponsor maybe we can come across something and my car is also up for grabs for parts fitting as well

  48. I have a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 6in lift with 35s looking to get some sponsors. Truck is blacked out with American flags going down the side. If you have any advice where to start please email me or text me

  49. I have a 1972 Camaro RS 4 speed looking to turn into a pro touring car any help would be appreciated looking for suspension Cooling tires rims engine parts .

  50. I’m looking to get some sponsors for my 2006 Mustang GT to show who and what powers my car I’m from Moreno Valley CA Thanks

  51. I have a 2005 Honda accord ex VTEC wanting to find sponsers for it it’s been my dream to finally get my car out there and make my car to the dream car I had always wanted. Thank you.

  52. I’m from Modesto Ca

    I would be a great candidate because I’ll will get you guys a lot of online publicity,
    I have never been sponsored and I think it would be a really cool showing love to you guys. Letting people know who you are.
    I haven’t done a lot of work to my jeep
    I only had it for 4 months already and I enjoy commuting to work and I also take it to truck meets and when people see it they always tell me that “your jeep is nice”

  53. I have 2016 Toyota Tundra trying to get in to truck shows for the new year 2017

  54. Hey guys. I have a bagged 1982 isuzu pup that rides at 4 inches with a shortened and narrowed 1964 chevy bed. The truck will soon be painted royal burgendy on the top half and alian silver on the bottom half. Tje truck needs a sheet metal floor (to liw for floor pans)and a firewall. It has a 327 motor out of a chevelle (all original parts). This truck is the one my has been working on for 20 years and its time to get it done. I NEED HELP FINDING SPONSORS FOR IT.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  55. I own a 1969 Chevy impala 327 v8 sport coupe, and I intend to build it into a quarter mile dragger, rn it has 325 HP, with 375 lbs of tourqe, I have it ready to go, I just need to get the help with the parts, I can build it in a way where no matter what I win, if any company or manufacture is reading this, I can represent your company in the form of being the first person across that finish line.

  56. I have a 1981 Datsun 280 zx looking for sponsorship.

  57. Hey my name is Scott I’m just a local hard working guy from In Kentucky. I don’t know if you guys would be interested or not but I figured it was worth a shot. I’m just looking for a little bit of support and sponsorship for my truck (2008 Dodge Ram 2500 5.7L Hemi). I just got it painted and trying to fix it up. Just like every other guy trying to fix his ride I’m living on a budget. So I’m reaching out to you all and asking for your help. You can contact me by email (

  58. I have a 1988 Pontiac Firebird that I’m looking for sponsorships. Looks good, runs amazing looking for help with performance parts, wheels/tires,suspension, audio, anything and everything

  59. 1995 civic hatch eg b18b1 headers exhaust system short throw shifter stage two clutch integrated rear wheel disc conversion need a sponsor I wanna show everyone 4cyl don’t mess around

  60. Whats up guys im trying to get a multi skilled driver .drift drag and sprint ..i have a 1994 civic del sol si d16 z6 built tranny block and head .arp studs all high compression pistons eagle rod. aftermarket cam gear aem. titanium rods and springs …i would like to get out and represent you !!!

  61. 1999 Honda Accord working on a full engine and transmission swap and rebuild, someone totaled my built 01 and I’m just trying to salvage what I can. Looking for help with anything at all, interior and exterior, down to radiator hoses and break calipers

  62. Help me out to sponsor my car

  63. Hi im n stutend is grade 12 I can get a car for maby if u can help me to get that car.We have a finance problem

    1. Plz guys

  64. If this is Real I have a 04 40th anniversary mustang. Has the v6 low miles has had a I’m trying to get a sponsor for supercharger and paint before now rims and tires are changed. Setup with full under glow as well as inside.

  65. 04 40th anniversary Mustang

  66. I want to fix my 92 s10 blazer to show it off and take it to car shows

  67. Come on kids get a decent paying job and just buy a decent worthy car and stop asking for free sponsors on a shitty Honda or maxima or your V6 firebird come on dude really? It doesn’t take long to build a fast car if you try. Shit I went from a terribly slow sunfire to a full bolt on tuned and much more screaming bald eagle loud 01 mustang gt. I didn’t ask for sponsors or begged for free parts. What I did was found a decent paying job and bought everything on my car and install it myself and still do to this day. I mean for fucks says the dude said it himself for you to find a sponsor you’re ur gonna need more than a car that’s just stock. If you want something work for it and stop expecting to get shit for free.

  68. Have been through it ..I have been in marketing an promoting my hole life so I know the ins and outs good an bad..I have had 35 mustangs an iam building a 2000 gt an a 90 gt an a truck to tow them to events. Live in NC sc area hit me up would like to start a group thing/team an could help you out. Get companies on board. Grudge racing show Cara drift events split events .an building my two cars to do it all is what I’m after .. I started out with companies who say you pay them they get your sponsored. Ya right sponsored whips done nothing collected my 200 dollars an ran off its a scam.. this write up hit it on the head. They just take your money an say they sent out pictures an a list of mods done to your car when they did nothing but wrote back I was accepted.. scam scam scam..but it’s a lot of work it’s not just stickers an banners.. an when I blew my car up I could of kept the companies but I decided to write an drop my name off the list knowing the company would respect that. An with hopes they would be faster to put me back on the he list.. but just know it’s a job an not just getting something for free an slapping a few stickers on your car.. I’ll have my car done soon an took awhile to just build the parts up to build the alot of money. With no discounts.. junior rhodes II fb I’ll give you the ins and outs..thought about really starting a company that ppl can come to. An have there car sponsored .. really makes me mad when companies trust these other places an they take advantage of people an take there money but don’t do the leg work to help them. When not only would I help the people but the companies as well promoting there brand Ann products to the people an advertising the sponsored ship company..but over all good write up there is an not more ugly things not wrote up

    1. I like everything that you responded here. I have been restoring my 1990 Nissan 300zx and building it to be a street/track car that I can also cruise around in and take to car shows. I live in Southern Alabama and I am a disabled veteran and that also means that I have nothing else to do because I can not work anymore but what I can do is go do the things that I love and that is everything that has to do with car shows, racing, drag racing or whatever it is that has automobile in it. I am spending 50% of my disability on building my baby up and do not know how to approach a sponsor and would appreciate any help, and I am willing to promote their products, pass out flyers, and work shows and events that I can attend if someone is willing to help me out because I believe that they will get 4 to 5 times back for sponsoring me.

  69. Have been through it ..I have been in marketing an promoting my hole life so I know the ins and outs good an bad..I have had 35 mustangs an iam building a 2000 gt an a 90 gt an a truck to tow them to events. Live in NC sc area hit me up would like to start a group thing/team an could help you out. Get companies on board. Grudge racing show Cars drift events split events .an building my two cars to do it all is what I’m after .. I started out with companies who say you pay them they get your sponsored. Ya right sponsored whips done nothing collected my 200 dollars an ran off its a scam.. this write up hit it on the head. They just take your money an say they sent out pictures an a list of mods done to your car when they did nothing but wrote back I was accepted.. scam scam..but it’s a lot of work it’s not just stickers an banners.. an when I blew my car up I could of kept the companies but I decided to write an drop my name off the list knowing the company would respect that. An with hopes they would be faster to put me back on.. but just know it’s a job an not just getting something for free an slapping a few stickers on your car.. I’ll have my car done soon an took awhile to just build the parts up to build the alot of money. With no discounts.. junior rhodes II fb I’ll give you the ins and outs..thought about really starting a company that ppl can come to. An have there car sponsored .. really makes me mad when companies trust these other places an they take advantage of people an take there money but don’t do the leg work to help them. When not only would I help the people but the companies as well promoting there brand Ann products to the people an advertising the sponsored ship company..but over all good write up there is an not more ugly things not wrote up

    1. I am interested in starting the same thing maybe do something down here and up north. Email me for more details

  70. Hi there I’m names Frankie and a promo girl and admin for a newly drift team called rhino gfx & leds drifting team. We are just starting up and looking for sponcers. Now like I said we have just started up and we would love it if we could have your name on are drift car, we have been expected British drift amateur, Ireland drift amateur and drift cup and also been accepted for the pure rally that will be held in Marbella that’s happening next year. We would love to have you on board. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  71. hi i just start oval racing and need sponsers please

  72. Looking for sponsorship for self built and bought 1989 usdm civic hatchback si, built d16z6 engine eagle rods,srp pistons arp head studs port polished si z6 head t3/t4 turbo on 15psi boost hondata s100 old school i know, anything would be great thanks.

  73. Looking for some help with my Nissan hardbody. Built the motor to turbo. Have a lot upgrades and even have a snug top on the back for a sound system. Any help would be great

  74. Always going fast my thing. Please sponsor me.

  75. I was looking for a sponsor for my cobalt ya my cobalt shes all I got I wanna do something different no one else has so far ive been scammed and basically lied too if you guys could help me out that would be awesome !

  76. I want to sponsor my 1993 cadillac deville

  77. I have a 2013 Dodge dart Rallye​.Ive recently fell in love with drifting it(I know it’s front wheel drive but hey) If anyone would like to help me with a body Kit,a wing spoiler ,exhaust kit oranything engine based.I’d like to add a little more power.

  78. Hello, I’m a freshman college student and I just got my first car I wanted a Nissan gtr r35 but I couldn’t afforest it so I go for a Nissan 370z and still couldn’t afford it then I went for an infinity g37 it was still too much then I stumbled my eyes upon an eclipse 2006 gs and since then I fell in love and took that baby home with me; I love it! I learn how to drive in it and its really fun . I have not cross path on someone that is more crazy about cars than myself. Instead of watching movies and shows like normal teenager does I spend my time on youtube watching youtubers modifying their car, my favorite youtuber is streetspeed717 and his team as well I met him once this year they was doing an awesome race on youtube I also like vehiclevirgin I love his lambo. so please if you guys are reading this and help me out building my project car I know for a fact I will get famous just like streetspeed717 and I will give you guys shoutout and forever talk about you guys because YOU guys are the one that help me bring my dream to reality. THANK YOU VERY MUCH if you read this 🙂

    headers, exhaust,vertical doors (lambo doors) air intake, intake manifold, lower springs, body kits, brakes, lighting, pulleys, rotors, wheels, tires, grille,HID headlight, custom tail light, spoiler (wing), suspension, intercooler, turbo, downpipes, camshafts, pistons, hood, paint job, subwoofers, stickers, vinyl wrap, graphic

  79. I love my Chevy.,I have a friend that loves his Dodge,as much as I love my Chevy.
    So,now I have a 1968 dodge 318 pickup in my yard.
    I would like to see if anyone believes in,themselves as much as their dodge.,as I do my Chevy.
    So who would like to finance the build on this 318?

  80. Looking to make my 2008 Nissan Titan SE 4×4 Nismo #271 of 300 a work/show truck
    I’m head of maintenance for Sleep Inn in Orange beach Al so we have about 1M people a year come throw here in a year so the truck will be seen daily

  81. I have a 2011 jaguar xjl v8 looking for real sponsorships. Any help would be appreciated.

  82. I have a 2008 Mustang that was unfortunately hit by a hit and run.I havw a few body parts thst need replacing but also because it an 2008 i want to do an all around brake job replacement….rotors, caliper, pads…etc. I also need to replace inner and outer tie rods, and struts.

  83. I have a 97:1500 Dodge pickup and I can nolonger work have chf because of an accident I had on Chrysler 3000

  84. Hi guys I have a 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL for a couple years and I get tired of rotary motor so I swapped out for a 2JZ motor with a five speed tranny and I wanna make it for drift and shows please any help will be appreciated, the MAZ-JZ is running great but it’s needs a couple stuff to be done

  85. Hi looks interesting this here 2010 dodge caliber sxt I have I’m looking to get sponsored.

  86. My car is most of the way built already. I’m looking for a sponsor that wants track appeal, but also seen at car meets, and car shows. I just got done building my 05 subaru wrx to 400whp. I want to hit circuit track, 1/4 mile, and 1/2 mile. My car looks completely stock right now, that’s the problem. I need help with suspension, wheels, and tires. This car is already my daily driver so with some stickers I’m another driving billboard.

  87. How can i get my truck sponsored

  88. Hi my name is Jay and just have a question. I own a 2012 Mitsubishi Ralliart, and i have the cobb access port stage 1. Ive been a huge fan of Mitsubishi since i was very little and for the past year or two ive been reading up on car and watching videos and doing alot of research and bought the car i have now to fix on it and all that kind of stuff. Im basically trying to get into the whole car scene as far as performance and cosmetic things, but i also want to get really into performance shops as well. I goto a shop here in el paso tx called Patterson performance and they steer me to you guys all the time for your products. So my question is do you guys do sponsorships and if so how do i get into all that. I want to make the whole car scene a lifestyle because cars is something i enjoy and i love working on mine and make it better every time i add something to it.

  89. Dont want to sell my car i have a 1984 delta 88 royal broham i am trying to find a way i can keep her love this car i need help it still runs its minor things wrong how can a alredy straped for cash man like my self get sponsorship or just help period

  90. Hello,
    We are Team MH-08 Racing comprising of 20 engineering undergraduates , one and only formula student team from konkan region who build formula style racecars and race in various national and international competitions all round the world. We would love to have you as our sponsor for term of 5 years where in we would provide you trusted marketing and benefits at our student level.
    Waiting to hear from you.
    Greetings !!

  91. Hey I’m zeke I been looking to get sponsored I’ve been around street racing for 23 years I’m trying to upgrade my mustang I am a racer and I would love to show off your name to get you more customers

  92. Can someone sponsor my e46

  93. How to get my truck sponsored

  94. Looking get my 1995 Ford mustang sponsored. Have some money not a nothing do what I want but figured I try this out see if anything happens. Thanks

  95. Sponsore my 2014 lowering kit on the Dodge Ram RTR
    5.7 L rear wheel drive reg cab white and
    Has 305 / 45 / R22 tire on challenger rims
    I would love to deck this truck right out !!!
    One of a kind

  96. my 2014 lowering kit on the Dodge Ram RTR
    5.7 L rear wheel drive reg cab white and
    Has 305 / 45 / R22 tire on challenger rims
    I would love to deck this truck right out !!!
    One of a kind

  97. how can i get my 2 door 1951 chevy fleetline sponsor?

  98. great content. Would love to see more!

  99. I’m looking to get my 74 nova on the drag strip or in car shows, I need help to make this expensive hobby possible

  100. I have a 1997 Toyota 4runner that would look pretty mean with a sponsorship . You can do alot to a 4runner and I’ve seen a few online that looked really aggressive. If there is any info on who and how I can get it done it would be appreciated. Thanks

  101. Ok i got a ss 96 signature series lincoln town car and i intend to customize the hell out of it i know this is not the ideal car to be sponsored however when im done everybody is going to want to slap their corporate logo on it because it is going to be a 1 of a kind bad ass hot rod lincoln and the customizations im going to do to it are def going to be ridiculous

  102. Will be in car shows have a 57 Chevy

  103. I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX auto, I converted to standard! I still need axles and shifter cables! IDK how this site works

  104. I have a Mazda RX-8 all it needs is a starter

  105. Need a sponsor

  106. I have a 2000 pontiac firebird (firehawk) its a show car and ive been looking for a sponsor to put on the car cos it looks to plain with just the solid color and firebawk stickers. It had the alluminum 5.7 liter ls1.

  107. Hello Redline360
    I recently got a 2019 Honda Civic Type R Fk8 and i was wondering if I can get any partial sponorship for the Car. I’m willing to see what I have to do to get sponored.

  108. Hey redline I have a 2004 dodge neon 2.0 sxt with aftermarket stuff on it built it from ground up trying to get Sponsor I definitely have the media to show off you’re Product

  109. I got a 2015 mustang premium ecoboost gt with a stage 2 honey well! White on black everything! Would def rep your brand where I am!

  110. Interested in sponsoring a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo build?

  111. Hey redline I got a mk4 golf gti vr6 2.8 24 valve have cold air intake ,coilovers,emissions deleat,and a neuspeed tune and borla exhaust in it iv done everything myself it’s a 6 speed manual i really need a sponsor to go farther you wld get tons of advertisement from me

  112. I’m a medically retired Afghanistan veteran and I just bought my first muscle car a 2017 Dodge Charger SXT and I’m wanting to do performance upgrades and interior upgrades to it any suggestions on trying to get a sponsor thanks

  113. Hi guys im Jason from South Africa.i have a 1982 vw mk1 golf GS 2door..I’ve always loved these cars with a passion this was my first car I bought myself when I was in matric 2009 .. I sold everything I had to buy this I saved hard and worked hard to buy it..I bought it with all documents but no engine no gearbox and so much more that was not there.. I worked on it alone day and night to get it back into shape .. eventually had it sprayed and I felt so good about what I’ve achieved .. but someone who was jealous for some reason scratched a long deep line into the bonnet(hood) and driver door .I was so so upset I gave up and lost interest in it aswell as I cud not afford to do or buy anything due to finances..from then to now ive tried to do abit Here and there like rubberising ,interior shaved the door handles ETC I also knew nothing about cars this is where I stared kearning the hard I now got my interest and love for it back .I recently bought a golf thats body was falling apart because of rust and I transfered the carburettor engine ,the gearbox,mags to my 2door bt the years it was just waiting for me alot of things went missing got môre damaged .. is there anyone or place that I can approach for any any donations or sponsors ? ( I’m aiming for the 1979 old school look chrome bumpers etc ..
    Thanks guys

  114. hi i have a 1960s fiat spider and it’s going to be expensive and i need my car sponsered please help me

  115. Reached out to Corbeau but got denied. Car is a 2016 mustang gt. Finally got some money saved up and starting to build it. When is I contacted Corbeau I had just made my build page,, and didnt have that big of a following. Working in growing this everyday, posting what in doing to the car as I go. Can you guys give me any recommendations of who is easy to get a sponsorship with? Thanks in advance.

  116. HELP I’ve got a 1978 Chevy C10. I have built the engine and transmission it dynos in at 412 hp 652 ft-lbs. Really just want to get sponsors to rep on my build as I become youtube famous.

  117. In all honesty, getting a sponsorship takes work, commitment, and let’s be real, a car worthy of representing the company’s image. Flat out asking for a sponsorship with minimal mods is not going to cut it. Bragging about horsepower this, rims that, and if given free stuff could have one of the most talked about rides on YouTube? Hate to break it to y’all, but to any manufacture, all this sounds like is a wasted space for a sponsorship opportunity. Instead, make a name for your car, yes, it takes money to to build a sponsor worthy ride, but for the real enthusiasts, the ones that can wrench their own project builds can save money, therefore, have more to spend on upgraded parts. I have been sponsored by many companies, but let me tell you, it came with a lot of hard work. I’ve won numerous car shows prior to even asking for sponsorships. I built a reputable profile for my rides, invested tons hours, cash, blood, sweat, and tears. Nowadays, I would recommend dealing with companies you are familiar with or would like to do business with and begin a simple customer relationship. Being a repeat customer speaks volumes to a business, and to be honest, if done right, can lead to a prosperous relationship down the road. I’ve called companies flat out and gotten to have known the entire staff just by the sound of their voices. Building relationships and commitments with a company will definitely not go unnoticed, especially if you are truly committed to your end goal(s), which, obviously, if you have read this far down, is trying to get a sponsorship. I mean, the list is long, but just think about it this way…for both parties, it’s a game of risk, however, one must take the most risk. Having said that, these large manufacturers did not get to where they are by taking major risks, so you must assume the larger of the two. What risks are you willing to take when you say, “Sponsor me so I can have a nice car!” You have to first prove your worth!

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