Toyota Tundra Headlights – Sequential Turn Signal Upgrade

The 2014 to 2019 Toyota Tundra is an awesome truck. Legendary Toyota reliability, enough power to tow 10,000+ lbs, and arguably one of the best looking full size trucks on the market. The downside to this generation Tundra is that the truck is pretty outdated and doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles of the newer generation trucks. Luckily, the aftermarket provides a lot of those upgrades, and an upgrade that’s one of my favorites is the Spec-D Toyota Tundra Sequential Headlights upgrade.

Above, you can see how these headlights give the Tundra a fresh and updated look. They include daytime running lights, sequential turn signals (see photo below), and come in 4 different colors to match your Truck.

The sequential turn signal is just so cool. It really is a head turner and helps you get noticed. Not only is it good looking, it makes sure that people ahead of you have a better chance of seeing your turn signal and your intent to turn.

The lights, as you can see above, are also bright. Here you can see what they look like turned on and how bright the DRL (daytime running light) C-bar is.

The LED DRL and LED Signal lights are both Neon Tubes so they are really bright and long lasting. The high beam and low beam bulbs are standard H7 bulbs and can be upgraded to ultra bright H7 LED bulbs.

These Spec-D lights fit all 2014 to 2019 Toyota Tundra trucks without the OEM LED strip and without factory headlight level adjusters. If you do have the OEM LED strip and factory headlight level adjusters, the lights will still physically fit, but you would need to do some wiring to connect them as the harness won’t be plug and play.

For more information on these lights, click here: Spec-D Projector Headlights Toyota Tundra Sequential LED DRL Black/Chrome

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  1. If I do have the factory lights with the LED strip and the leveling adjuster can you help out with a guide on the wiring to make these work?

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