Ford F150 Headlights Ultimate Buyers Guide – OEM, Projector and HID Lights

The Ford F150 has been the best selling truck in the US since I was a kid. Arguably, the F150 has also been one of the most dependable trucks. Due to this, the average years the Ford F150 has been on the roads, still hauling loads and towing is growing more and more every year. Since people have put so many miles on their F150’s, one of the weak points has been outdated headlights. The OEM Factory Ford F150 headlights suffer from road debris, grime, haze, condensation, cracking and everything else possible from putting in so many hours of work.

It goes without saying that due to this, the Ford F150 Headlights that we sell on Redline360 have been some of our most popular headlights that we offer.

In this ultimate guide of the Ford F150 Headlights that we sell and that are available, we’re going to cover the various styles of lights from OEM Factory Replacement to LED Projector with Sequential Turn Signals so you can pick a style that you like and that matches your F150. If you have questions about anything we cover, we urge you to contact us on our store contact us link or to leave a comment below.

Various styles of Ford F150 Headlights

Since the F150 is such a popular truck, it’s near impossible to list all of the styles available for aftermarket headlights, or even OEM replacements. This is because there are new styles, colors and features coming out all of the time. However, we’ll cover the most popular ones we sell on our website so you have an idea of what’s out there.

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At the time of writing this guide, we offer 7 different brands – AlphaRex, Anzo USA, Morimoto, Spec-D, Spyder, Winjet and Xtune.

Above: AlphaRex F150 Headlights

AlphaRex Ford F150 Headlights are some of the best quality Ford F150 lights we sell and they are available in LUXX, Pro or Nova Series to signify their stages. Their lights feature some really popular features such as switchback (when you have one light that switches colors, such as a turn signal that is normally a white DRL (daytime running light) that switches to amber when the turn signal is engaged) and a sequential feature in which the light “moves” during a turn signal engagement such as when the light moves from the left to the right or vice versa.

Many AlphaRex headlights also have LED bulbs on their higher end models such as LUXX Series which offer incredibly brighter and longer lasting bulbs than the OEM halogen.

Above: Anzo F150 Headlights w/ U-Bar DRL

Anzo Ford F150 Headlights come in some of the most diverse styles. Anzo has a style called “U-Bar” where the DRL or Daytime Running Lights are in a U shape to give your F150 a unique look (see the image above). Anzo also has halo headlights where the DRL is a round halo that has been a popular look and a contrast to a U style DRL. Generally, headlights that come with DRL and are put on a truck that doesn’t have DRL stock, need to be wired up and aren’t a 100% direct fit or direct replacement.

Anzo also offers OEM replacement headlights that are called their Crystal headlights. These are simply factory replacements and do not offer any upgraded features or styles.

Above: Spec-D F150 Headlights

Spec-D Ford F150 Headlights are our favorite headlights that we sell because we love the style and price point they offer. Spec-D offers lights that go back as far as 1992 up to the current F150. Spec-D offers halo lights, halogen replacements, projector headlights, sequential and switchback that gives you a wide range of styles to choose from for your truck.

Spec-D also offers a wide range of colors. Some lights have a gloss black housing with a clear lens or a matte black housing with a smoked or tinted lens, a chrome housing with clear lens and a few other color combos depending on the year of the F150 and the headlight style.

Above: Check out this demo video we have that shows the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Ford F150 Spec-D Headlights, how they work and how to install them. Here you will see how the switchback looks when activated where the turn signal is the same light as the DRL and how it switches colors from white to amber. You will also see the sequential light and you can see how it moves from outside to inside to give the headlights some added flare and style you’d expect from an aftermarket headlight.

When doing a DIY install, note that you may need to remove the the front number or the front grill (or both!) to be able to access all of the nuts and bolts to remove the stock headlight.

Above: For those of you with a 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 Ford F150, these Spec-D Headlights give a nod to the triple bar headlights found in the newer generation Ford Mustang and have a unique and very updated modern look for any F150 that doesn’t have factory Xenon style headlights (the plug/harness will be different and it won’t be plug and play).

Above: Here’s a video showing the Spec-D 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008 F150 headlights and shows how the sequential feature works on this style. You can see that while the generation of the truck is different, the style is similar.

And last but not least in our series of Ford F150 videos, the video above is for the Spec-D OEM Replacement Headlights for the 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 Ford F150 and include bumper corner lights for a clean and refreshed look for those who don’t want anything fancy and just need a new set of lights.

Above: Winjet F150 Headlights

A relative newcomer compared to the other brands, Winjet has created a high quality and well priced upgrade that is getting a lot of attention. The Winjet Ford F150 Headlights are a direct replacement for your factory lights and have a 12 month warranty which is longer than most other brands.

F150 Headlights HID Upgrades

Upgraded aftermarket headlights help to increase safety by increasing your visibility and allowing others to also see you better. Sometimes, upgraded lights still have halogen bulbs and while they project the beam better than stock, the bulb itself is weaker than an LED or HID bulb. A popular upgrade we sell is this HID Upgrade Kit with Lifetime Warranty that is plug and play for your truck (just pick the right style bulb such as H1, H4, H7, etc) and dramatically increases the brightness of your headlights. Check your local area to determine if these upgrades are legal in your area before ordering.

Can I just upgrade the bulbs in my lights?

As with the HID upgrade we discussed above, you can also upgrade your halogen bulbs on your factory lights. The only problem is that many LED bulbs are much larger than stock so you will need to cut a hole in your bulb service port. When you do this, you will need to ensure the area is sealed perfectly because if it’s not and allows air in, you will get condensation and a lot of issues with bulb longevity since the housing is going to be wet inside. We recommend making sure you have plenty of room first and any LED bulbs will fit as they can be 2-3x longer than stock. Some even have built in fans at the ends to keep the bulb cool.

What if I want to take my F150 off road?

All of our F150 headlight upgrades are made to be used off road and can give you a much better and wider beam pattern depending on the style and brand of headlight you choose. You might want to check out our full listing of Ford F150 Fog Lights as well to help aid in the visibility for low light conditions, especially in fog or very dusty situations. To finish the look, check out our Ford F150 Tail Lights to give your truck an LED upgrade!

What else do you have for my truck?

We carry a full line of Ford F150 Parts and encourage you to check out our full aftermarket parts and performance listings in our store. We add parts all the time, so subscribe to our email list to get notified when we have new accessories for your truck!

If you have any questions about this headlight guide, please contact us by using the contact link in the store or add a comment below.

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