Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Lowered with Eibach Pro Kit Springs

Our customer wanted to share some pics of his Tesla Model 3 Performance before and after installing Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs. Above, you can see the Tesla Model 3 Performance has a lot of wheel gap from the factory and could definitely use a set of lowering springs. The Eibach Pro Kit works with the factory Model 3 shocks and lowers the car 1 inch in the front and 1.4″ in the rear to give the car a perfect stance.

Below you can see what the car looks like after the Eibach springs have been installed. Wheel gap has been dramatically reduced and the car has a much better stance. We think this is a great upgrade for anyone with a Model 3 Performance who wants to maintain good ride quality, use the factory shocks, and have an inexpensive way to give the car a modified look.

For more information on Eibach Lowering Springs for the Model 3, click below:

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