Rev9 Coilovers – Features and Specs Review

Rev9 Coilovers are the latest coilover to hit the market that offer a ton of features and good specs and are a great value. Some would call them “cheap coilovers”, but many of our customers have bought these and simply loved them and the value they provide. We decided to take a deep dive into these Rev9 Coilovers and review their features and specs to see if they make sense to you.

Rev9 Coilovers come in two flavors – Hyper Street Basic and Hyper Street II. Below we’ll review the specs of each:

The Rev9 Hyper Street Basic Coilovers are their most entry level, and have some prices starting at around $364 shipped. These for the most part do not come with new top hats (you need to reuse your own), but unlike other entry level coilovers, these come with adjustable shocks. You can set the dampening on these 32 different ways from ultra soft to ultra firm to dial in just the right ride and handling you prefer.

The Rev9 Hyper Basic Coilovers also come with spanner wrenches to make height adjustments easy.

These coilovers give you the ability to set your ride height roughly 1″ lower than stock up to about 3″ lower. Rev9 doesn’t release exact specs on these, but this has been a pretty accurate ball park.

In summary, our Rev9 Coilovers Review of these specs and features make them one of the most value packed coilovers on the market. However, for those who want the next step up, see below.

The Rev9 Hyper Street II Coilovers feature top hats, some with camber plates, 32 way adjustable shocks, spanner wrenches and spring rates that allow for a comfortable ride yet more focused on the weekend warrior.

These Rev9 Coilovers above come with camber plates, allowing easy adjustment of camber correction or dialing in more negative camber.

Just like the Rev9 Hyper Basic Coilovers, these Hyper Street II are 32 way dampening adjustable.

So after a review of the specs and features here’s how we recommend customers look at these two sets of coilovers.

Rev9 Coilvers – Hyper Basic: Good for those who need to replace their shocks and also want to add adjustable springs. These are a great budget upgrade.

Rev9 Coilovers – Hyper Street II: Good for those looking for even more out of their budget coilovers, including top hats and possibly camber plates (depends on application).

Here is some information on how to adjust the Rev9 coilovers that have a divorced rear set up (shock and spring are separate). For those that are true coilover setups, you would adjust the rears like you do the fronts.

If you have questions about these, please ask us below, and to see if they make Rev9 coilovers for your car, click here: Rev9 Coilovers

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  1. Ok guys I got a 2015 Toyota Corolla I want a coilover that’s good but budget friendly I do not what the slammed times ground look I just want a good lowered flush look 1.5 to 2”” drop from stock what’s y’all recommend coilovers thanks

  2. I have those on my Civic Si 2008, where can I get the adjustment tools, especially the knobs??

  3. Ok my friends I got a 2011 bmw xdrive I got the coilovers put on and I dropped it all the way to the max and I still got a three finger gap between the front and the back can I go any lower than that there’s any other way?

  4. Can I keep stock ride height with these coilovers on a 2017 Mustang GT?

  5. I ordered a set of the hyperll for my 09 Mustang GT California Special. There are no installation instructions on how to remove the adjustable cap and nut off so they’ll mount thru the trunk floor. ANYBODY else have any suggestions?

    1. Way late to the party and I hope someone helped you out Larry! If anyone else runs into this, under the cap you’ll see a small nut (on mine it’s a 14mm) gently loosen it, it’s not on that tight. Spin the nut a couple of times and the pull the damper knob out. To reinstall, do the reverse. Do not torque the nut too tight! I would recommend a tiny bit tighter than hand tight.

  6. Hey Rev9. Bought your kit for 06 mustang gt
    You need to supply torque settings for tightening top bolts on Mcferson strut‼️
    Apperantly factory torque spec is too much since I’ve broke 1 bolt per strut so far

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