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Toyota Camry Body Kit – Nascar Style!

Many people know that Toyota and Nascar have a long relationship. Toyota has been in a large number of Nascar races, and for 2012, Nascar driver Kyle Busch is entering a 2012 Toyota Camry into Toyota’s Racing Dream Build Challenge. Kyle Busch put a special body kit on this car that looks like nothing we have ever seen for a Toyota Camry, and the Nascar inspired build is sure to turn heads!

Kyle Busch used his official colors of black, red and white to give the car attitude that matches it’s stance. The Camry isn’t only modified on the outside, the car also features red and black seats from the Lexus IS-F amongst other interior modifications, as well as a Lexus IS-F dual exhaust.

To finish off the Camry’s body kit, there is a front air splitter and a rear diffuser, and the whole package looks great!

A custom hood with dual scoops gives the front of the Camry a menacing stance. We also love the black race wheels with polished lip and think the whole package comes together nicely, and looks much better than the standard Toyota Camry SE body kit that comes with the car stock.

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  1. im very impressed with your designs. cd you tell me if you have body kits for my 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt 3.8 ltr.

    Appreciate your reply

  2. love this body kit if the put it on the market i would be the first one to buy

  3. How can i but this kit?

  4. I have 2012 toyota camry SE 4 Door……..I wanted a full wide body kit or just a add on bodykit……front/back/sides

  5. Am looking for toyata camery full body kit nascar style

  6. I love the body kit it crazy guy

  7. I love the body kit

  8. Can this bodykit be modified to fit on my 2002 Toyota Camry V6?

  9. how can l buy this bumper kit for Toyota camry 2012 se v6

    1. Same here … I want to know if i can buy this for my Toyota camry 2012 V6.

  10. How can I get the Camry body kit..

  11. I got the Body Kit!!!

  12. I want to but the front splitter and the rear bumber exhaust and maybe the hood. Where can I get them. Please let me know this is all I need then my 2013 se will be done body wise then onto more performance from what I have already

  13. I need this body kit. I want the whole thing installed on my car.

  14. How do I get the body kit for my Camry?

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