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Wald Porsche Panamera Body Kit

Wald International is a Japanese tuner that has gotten it’s hands on the Porsche Panamera. Wald is mainly known for creating stunning body kits and aerodynamics that really give the car the stance it should have had from the factory. The Wald Porsche Panamera is no different, and Wald is showing off it’s new body kit that includes some of the best lines we’ve seen!

The Wald Porsche Panamera Body Kit includes a front bumper with integrated LED lights, side skirts, wide body wheel arches and fender vents. It looks like Wald also lowered the Panamera to give it a very mean and demanding stance.

The Porsche Panamera looks like a mix between a sedan and a station wagon. It’s also got a love it or hate it look, but Wald is bringing in more love and less hate with their new body kit.

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