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10 of the Worst Body Kits

We’ve seen some bad body kits in our days, but there seems to be one that’s worse and worse every day. We either receive one in our inbox or someone pings it to us, but somehow we manage to find the most outrageous and off the wall body kits that we have ever seen.

Some of these body kits have got to be the most dramatic and quite frankly, some of the worse ones we’ve seen. We thought we’d share them with you and get your thoughts. So what do you think? Are these pretty bad, or what?

Above: This body kit was made from cardboard boxes and a bunch of duct tape. I’ve never seen anything like this in person, but this Nissan Sentra looks like it’s now ready to do battle with some of the world’s best.

Above: Got a Mazda Miata but really want a Porsche Boxster? This guy molded a front end and side skirts from a Boxster on to his Miata, and to us it just looks a bit odd.

Above: Not sure what kind of car this even started off as. As I know is if this car was behind me, I’d get out of the way. Looks like something out of Mad Max.

Above: If lightweight isn’t your style, you can always build a body kit out of wood. Good way to lose traction on a front wheel drive car, by putting all of the weight in the back. Looks like this body kit not only has form but also function.

Above: When it comes to making sense, sometimes it simply doesn’t have to. It’s a pure rocket from the right, and a standard Honda CRX from the left. Looks cancerous.

Above: The swiss army knife of vans. There must be extra reinforcement to hold up that bumper. I don’t think you can take a big enough angle going up a driveway to not scrape.

Above: This Corvette comes to us straight from Kuwait. Bad taste in body kits is global.

Above: Looks like this body kit is designed to have some wide rear wheels. Should work out great on a front wheel drive car.

Above: This can’t be legal? Apparently he doesn’t drive his van under any overpasses or park in the garage. Aerodynamics never stood a chance.

Above: You know a body kit is pretty extreme when you can’t even recognize what it started off as.

And there you have it! 10 of the craziest body kits we have ever seen. There might be more out there, but I doubt they are any worse than this. Either way, we appreciate their passion for their cars, and it wouldn’t be a fun hobby if everyone liked the same thing!

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  1. I’ve seen some bad body kits, but these are pretty bad. Obviously the cardboard one is just to get attention and take some pics. Some people do the stupidest things.

  2. The 3rd one down with the oregon plate looks like it used to be a dodge ram… now mixed with a boat?

  3. lb kit made it look like it’s 6 months pregnant..

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