VIDEO: Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers Review

Today I wanted to talk about the KSport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits that we carry on We recommend these coilover kits for those who not only want a high performance coilover for the track, but also something that’s also comfortable for the street and daily driving. These feature 36 levels of dampening adjustment, which alters compression and rebound simultaneously, to allow you to really fine tune the suspension to your needs.

The Ksport system uses a monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube construction, the monotube design dissipates heat faster and more evenly and allows for finer damping adjustments. Aeration and cavitation issues are a lot less common in a monotube design, which results in a more consistent ride quality.

Depending on your application, these come with pillowball mounts and front camber kit. Another nice feature is that you adjust the height on these using the lower mount, which allows you to lower your vehicle without affecting spring travel and ride quality. This way you can go as low as the coilovers allow without having to worry about bottoming out the shock. To finish it off, these have an electroplated body for added protection from corrosion and rust, and a dust boot helps to protect the damper seal.

To get more info on these, check out the KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers on our site at And since we’re an authorized KSport dealer, you’re covered under the 18 month warranty that KSport provides when you buy from us.

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  1. I have a 2008 Saab 93 Aero . I’m on the fence about coilovers or shox and spring set up…i’ m looking for great handling and quality…but not looking to compromise the integrity of the vehicle’s suspension

  2. Hi do you make ksport kontrol pro fully ajustable coil overs kit for my 2012 kia optima hybrid? Im having 20″ rims w 235 tires put on soon and hoping coilovers will make my ride perform and look slammed with your coil over kit and whats the price and do you ship to hawaii thanks

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