Magnaflow – why it’s the best performance & replacement catalytic converter


When it comes to cars and trucks, it is common for most people to enjoy performance that comes from improved horsepower and torque. Performance components play a significant role, and Magnaflow catalytic converters are the perfect way for you to improve the flow in your exhaust system while protecting the environment. Magnaflow has built a solid reputation among car enthusiasts with its solid track record in reliability and performance with their catalytic converters and exhaust systems. A quality catalytic converter is required for smog as they are designed to stop most pollutants from being released by your vehicle.

A quality catalytic converter is an essential part of decreasing emissions. While you can uninstall your catalytic converter with a cat delete or test pipe, this will result in a significant boost in your car’s power but you will be doing more harm to the environment due to excessive emissions which is also illegal in most states and does not pass smog checks. The catalytic converter delete pipes are only to be used for off road purposes. This is where Magnaflow comes in to play. Magnaflow catalytic converters are 49 State Legal (not in California), and improve exhaust flow, horsepower and torque while still being environmentally friendly. These are excellent for those who are looking to upgrade their exhaust system or simply replace the factory catalytic converter with something less expensive than from the dealer.

Magnaflow manufactures catalytic converters that are direct fit, universal for gas engines, and universal for diesel engines. The direct fit is one of the most popular because it bolts up just like stock, retains the factory oxygen sensor locations, and requires no welding, hacking or fabrication for install.

If you need to replace your catalytic converter due to it failing, you should know of some of the reasons why they fail in the first place. You can simply ignore the problem and get a new converter, but if the problem with your vehicle still exists, it will damage your new converter as well. Some of the most common failure issues are an intake leak, exhaust leak, fuel injector damage, defective front o2 sensor (before the converter), defective MAF (mass air flow sensor/meter), defective coolant temperature sensor (ECT), or defective MAP sensor (manifold absolutely pressure sensor). The converter could also get contaminated with oil from bad piston rings or valve seals, sulfur from using low quality gas or a coolant leak from a bad head gasket or intake manifold gasket.

So why do we recommend Magnaflow? Magnaflow in our opinion is one of the best performance and replacement catalytic converters because they not only perform as well as catalytic converter from your dealer for a fraction of the cost, but they have a generous warranty. If within the warranty time period, the catalytic converter fails, Magnaflow will replace it. They cover both inside and outside warranty, meaning if the material internal to the unit fails or the heat shield or frame fails, they will warranty it.

As always, check with your local, state and federal laws to ensure the catalytic converter you are buying passes all required laws.

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  1. I am looking for BOTH direct fit catalytic converters for a 1989 Lincoln Town car , Signature series , auto trans., 302 CID engine . Would prefer in stainless IF available , OR can be built . Car registered in New York state .
    Appx. 156,000 miles on it . Well maintained, runs like a watch . Can you recommend COMPLETE stainless exhause system beyond converters also ?

  2. I would like to replace my catalytic with a test pipe on 08 saturn outlook xl. can you help.

  3. Does Magnaflow have Cats for a harley ?

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