Tesla Model S Aftermarket Wheels and Rims

The Tesla Model S has certainly stirred up some chat amongst automotive enthusiasts. As arguably, one of the first exciting electric cars, the Tesla shows great promise with the aftermarket crowd. Since the car is so new, there aren’t too many Tesla performance parts available, but the aftermarket has taken to upgrading the vehicle’s appearance, specifically around wheels.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Tesla Model S aftermarket wheels:

21″ HRE P40SC Tesla Wheels

22″ Avante Garde M310 Silver Tesla Wheels
Tesla Model S - 22x9" / 22x10.5" - Hyper Silver M310

22″ Avante Garde M310 Matte Black Tesla Wheels

We think these look awesome! If you have any pics of your Tesla Model S with aftermarket wheels, please share the pictures with us, and we’ll feature them here!

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