Single Wall vs Double Wall Exhaust Tips – What’s the difference?

We sell a lot of exhaust systems and while most of them have tips that you can’t change, some do give you the ability to choose. One of the most popular options is the single wall exhaust tip vs the double wall exhaust tip.

We get a lot of questions on the differences between these two, so we decided to create this post to show you the two styles next to each other, as well as explain some of the differences between the two.

Single Wall exhaust tips simply mean that the exhaust tip is a single piece of rounded metal. This makes the tip look thinner than a double wall.

Double wall exhaust tips have another layer to them to and makes the tip look a bit more chunky and smooth. You can see the differences below.

There is no performance difference between the two tips and we haven’t found that one lasts longer than the other. The only difference really on single wall vs double wall tips is the appearance. It’s a personal preference.

Check out all of our exhaust systems to see what tips and styles we offer for your car!

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