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5 of the Fastest “Streetable” Honda’s on the Planet

Honda’s for a long time have been the punchline to many jokes by quarter mile fans. Well those days are long gone. It seems like it was only yesterday when I used to wait eagerly by the mailbox to grab the newest edition of Turbo Magazine to find out who was the fastest Honda.

I remember when David Shih was the first Honda to run 10’s. Tony Fuchs and Stephan Papadakis were on his heels and soon there after the Bergenholtz brothers were bringing the heat. This btw, was way back 1998.

Fast forward to 2012, where we have a renaissance going on in front wheel drive drag racing. Hopefully this list will be accurate for at least 4-5 months as winter approaches the east coast. It’s funny how things change since the beginning of Honda FWD drag racing. The west coast use to dominate the east coast, but the tides have changed the past 7 or so years. Let’s take a look at the 5 fastest “Streetable” i.e non wheelie bar FWD Honda’s on the planet.

1. Chris Miller 8.008@188.62 –

Love him or hate him – well most hate him – you have to give Chris Miller props he has been the undisputed King of Outlaw FWD for the past couple of years. His brash Tri-State attitude get’s the interwebs buzzing. Miller as he is affectionately known is not afraid to call out fellow racers. Just recently he called out West coast sport compact legend Bisi Ezerioha for a match race. Regardless of your opinion on Miller’s mouth you can’t take away the results that this Civic continues to deliver. This car will be in the 7’s soon!

2. James Kempf 8.088@ 190.48mph – Speedfactory

The Speedfactory team hailing from Washington State has built an amazingly fast and consistent contender to this coveted title. James clicked off a blistering 8.088 three weeks ago at MIR’s WCF. 7’s are just around the corner for this dedicated west coast team.

3. Tony Palo – 8.381@181.25mph – T1 Race Development

Tony aka T1 has been in the game for quite awhile and has been a pioneer in developing the SFWD and Outlaw Honda classes. This Integra is flawless in and out. Let’s see if Tony is up for the challenge to take on Miller again.

4. Reid Lunde – 8.47@176mph – Kaizenspeed

Reid came on the scene early in 2011 and pushed fellow north-westerner Speedfactory in events out west the last two years. This EK is impeccably clean, fast and consistent.

5. Jonathan Reynolds – 8.628@178.40mph – Prayoonto Racing

Jonathan is one of the most lethal drivers in the sport and is consistently one of the best at “treeing” opponents. Jonathan has driven the Prayoonto Racing All Motor Pro Car into the 8’s.

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  1. Good read! And all the racers are great people and shops!

  2. hey i like the integra reviews.
    i like racing but i cant afford it.
    i play need for speed prostreet my best integra run at texas was 8.63 seconds against an american flag colour’ed corvette z06


  4. In my experience modifying engines for 34 years from OLD SCHOOL to NEWTECH hondas are fast! More power and I LOVE HONDAS AlLL FIVE!

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