Godspeed Coilovers – MonoSS vs. MonoRS vs. MonoMAXX

One of the most common questions we get for our Godspeed Project coilovers is, “What’s the difference?”  Redline360 carries Godspeed’s three main coilover lines.  They are the MonoSS, the MonoRS and the MonoMAXX.  This article will break down the main differences between the three to help you determine what suits your needs best.

First, the similarities.  The biggest one is that they are all monotube design dampers.  Even the entry level MonoSS comes with monotube dampers.  A lot of offerings from other companies start with twin-tube design as their entry level.  They are cost effective and provide decent handling and control for most situations.  However, monotube dampers offer a much higher level of performance and consistency than twin-tube designs.  Most, if not all high-end shocks are monotube. 

The second thing that all Godspeed coilovers share is that they all have independent pre-load and ride height adjustability.  What this means is that you’re actually adjusting ride height of the car by shortening or lengthening the entire shock body instead of just moving the spring lower down the shock.  The biggest advantage of this is that you can lower your car without sacrificing the travel of the shock.  Secondly, the spring will always stay pre-loaded, so you don’t have a spring that is flopping around when the shock is fully uncompressed.

MonoSS – These are Godspeed’s entry level coilover model but have features that aren’t typically found in other brand’s entry level offering.  The two aforementioned features common to all Godspeed models are the most significant.  All MonoSS dampers are made from carbon seamless steel and feature 16 levels of adjustment.  The oil used in the damper is a high-quality race shock oil which stays consistent in tough conditions.  The aluminum top hats include a Japanese KOYO bearing pillow ball mount.  If applicable, adjustable camber plates are included.  These are perfect for the street but can handle a track day with no problems.

MonoRS – The MonoRS are the middle child in Godspeed’s street coilover line.  These step it up a notch by offering a damper that can be even more finely tuned with 32 levels of rebound adjustment.  The dampers all have an anti-corrosion and anodized finish.  Most of the components in the MonoRS line are CNC machined billet aluminum which provide additional weight savings.  MonoRS kits include also adjustable camber plates in applicable cars.  This allows you to dial in more aggressive camber settings for additional grip when cornering.  These are great step in between the MonoSS and the MonoMAXX.

Godspeed MAXX Coilovers – This is Godspeed’s top shelf street coilover before getting into more race oriented products.  The dampers in this line have an amazing 40 levels of adjustment and a larger 44mm internal piston.  MAXX uses a high quality Italian shock oil that can withstand the extreme temperatures of the track.  These dampers use T7075 forged aluminum or carbon steel bits to keep weight down while still maintaining strength.  The MAXX is a great choice for a street car that sees a lot of aggressive driving and track days.

Whatever series of Godspeed coilovers suits your needs, be assured that you are getting a high quality product at an excellent value.  Godspeed Project suspensions hold numerous time attack and road racing records.  We have many customers running these coilovers and feedback has been great.  This kind of performance at this price point is hard to believe.  These are all backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Redline360 carries Godspeed Project’s full line of suspension products.  We are constantly adding new products to our site so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

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  1. I just bought a mono Rs for my civic lx 2014, hoping it works well unlike the tein basis Z that I have before.

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