TEIN Coilovers and TEIN Springs: How to spot the real/fake counterfeit products


Often times, a manufacturer spends many hours and research dollars to create a product that offers something unique only to be copied in an overseas factory that tries to pass off a fake and copied product as genuine. Recently, this has been happening often with TEIN Suspension which makes the very popular TEIN Lowering Springs and TEIN Coilovers.

Here at Redline360, we sell only genuine and authentic TEIN Suspension products, but others aren’t always as honest. However, due to our customers hearing about fake TEIN springs and fake TEIN Coilovers, we have decided to create this post to showcase how some of these look real to the untrained eye but are actually very different.


In the image above, you can see the two differences between the real TEIN Coilovers and the fake TEIN Coilovers. Some of the most important parts of the coilover system are fake. You can see the product label is obviously fake as the product name here happens to be “TEINS” plural instead of “TEIN” and doesn’t have the correct font or logo. Also, the Spring Seat & Lock as well as bracket lock are not the same design as stock which is designed to correctly lock in place to prevent the spring from adjusting. The adjustment knob (dial) is also different and has a much cheaper design which doesn’t follow with TEIN’s quality adjustment.

In addition, TEIN adds a 2 layer anti-rust powder coat treatment that prevents rusting. The cheaper counterfeit coilovers are simply painted and do not offer the same protection.


Above you can see the fake and counterfeit springs. You can tell right away which is real or fake by the way they use a different font to describe the type of spring it is.


Above, you can see the horrible job they did to put the logo on the spring. Its obviously a fake.


Above, you can see the real logo and how it’s better integrated into the spring. If they can’t take the time to put a logo on a spring, you can only imagine what other corners they cut in the quality and construction!


Above is another obvious giveaway. TEIN stamps each spring with a part number to properly identify it. Their stamping follows the spring in a smooth fashion.


Above you can see how the counterfeit fake spring is stamped in a very careless way.


And last but not least, you can see the real TEIN springs use a label that fits inside of a green outlined box.


Above, you can see that the fake springs have a label that doesn’t fit into the box properly.

Now that we have showed you real vs fake TEIN suspension products, we believe the counterfeit factories are going to update their springs and coilovers to look more real to throw off unsuspecting customers. It’s important to buy your parts from a trusted source such as Redline360 to ensure you are getting the quality products you are paying for.

Shop real TEIN products here: TEIN Lowering Springs and TEIN Coilovers.

We hope this was useful information! Please contact us with any questions.

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