Fortune Auto 500 vs 510 Coilovers – What’s the difference?


We often get a lot of questions on Fortune Auto Coilovers, but one especially stands out. People ask if they should get the Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers or the Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers.

The Fortune Auto 500 series are built and valved for a street vehicle, that sees occasional track use. They use a Digressive piston which allows for a stiff low-speed rebound force. That helps give better control of driver inputs such as dive, pitch, and roll. At high-speed the suspension is kept subtle when bumps and irregularities come up in the road.

We recommend the Fortune Auto 510 series for track driven vehicles, with to no little street use, as they have a very harsh ride on the street and you will feel every blemish in the road. The 510 series uses the same architecture as the 500s, with different color anodizing, and the internals of the shock are completely revamped. They use a much more digressive piston (Our CFD Piston) and revised shim stacks which gives much greater low speed rebound force than the 500 series. At high speed, the piston is designed to “blow off” when going over any large imperfections or bumps in the road, such as pot holes or curbing on a track, which helps the car remain stable. The 510 series also includes a dyno graph of all 4 shocks, and Radial Bearing Mounts are standard on McPherson applications

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