Aaron’s 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 w/ SR20DET Blacktop Swap


There’s nothing we love more than a AE86 project. Aaron, one of our Facebook fans, shared his 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS with us and we were pleasantly surprised to find it had a SR20DET Blacktop swap under the hood – awesome!

This AE86 features some mods that we love:

SR20DET Black Top Engine Swap
Front mount intercooler
Greddy Exhaust
TRD Steering Wheel
Diamond Racing Steelies
ECU chipped by Stream Toyko

Aaron’s plan is, in his words to “tame this mutt” and turn it into a daily driver, using OEM interior pieces, and brand new re-fab pieces. This weeks project is to relocate the battery into the trunk, replace the windshield and dynomat the doors and roof with some spray on noise reduction stuff.

Here are a few pictures of the car in progress:





Aaron did a lot of work to this car so far, and it’s still a work in progress and we can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like. We’ll keep everyone updated with progress.

Good stuff Aaron!

Update 3/5/2013
[Aaron] Today I did some “housekeeping.” got the drivers side window actuator installed, and got the trunk sprayed with some of that spray on bed lining. I am gonna keep the track spirit with the car and install a roll cage, so the back of the car is going to remain gutted, but I don’t like the “raw” look of just frame, the bed lining gives it that flat matte look that I really like. This weeks list: Plasti-dip flat black. Install new hatch struts. Get the front interior ordered and painted. Within the month: Brand new carpet, interior install, custom paint on the accent pieces, and custom door panels.


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  1. how is the plasti dip holding up? I wanna do the same to my 2000 Corolla hood and rear because the paint keeps chipping

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