Toyota Sienna Parts and Performance Upgrades

There has never been a better time to get some Toyota Sienna parts that add style and performance to your van. Until recently, the aftermarket has been largely ignoring the popular Sienna, but with the new design, and sleep looks, many people are looking to upgrade their van with everything from an exhaust to coilovers.

How can I added extra power to my Sienna?
The Toyota Sienna is a pretty decent van when it comes to power, but fully loaded, it can struggle. Aftermarket companies such as Megan Racing and K&N have done a great job offering performance parts that are easy to bolt on and give good performance. Check out some of these options:

In the video above, you can hear and see the Megan Racing exhaust in action.

How can I lower my Sienna?
Up until recently, you weren’t able to! Megan Racing has released their coilover kit that replaces all 4 shocks and springs with height and shock adjustable coilovers, so you can get aftermarket wheels and lower your van just enough to clear the wheel gap, and give you a sporty ride that’s firm but not stiff.

If you have an older Sienna, you can get a cruise control kit if your van didn’t come with one from the factory.

There are companies that make a supercharger kit for the motor in the new Sienna. They aren’t a direct fit due to the engine bay not having enough room, but there are companies working to retrofit the supercharger to fit into the Sienna’s engine bay, which can give your Sienna over 350 horsepower. Parts such as an exhaust would allow your supercharger to make even more power. TRD does make a supercharger for the older Sienna’s, but unfortunately not for the newer body styles and engines. TRD would be a great choice as it allows you to add power and still maintain your factory warranty.

We will have more Toyota Sienna parts as they are available with everything from short ram intakes to cold air intakes and other performance accessories.

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  1. Hello. Anyone make a custom make a supercharger for a 2013 Toyota Sienna yet? Thanks.

  2. i’m alzo interested in supercharger for 2012 sienna. i want to racing my mininivan.

  3. Is there a supercharger kit available yet for the 2012 sienna se?

  4. I want to now if that coilovers fit in a 2006 sienna

    1. Did you ever find out what type of coil overs work for a 2006 I am also interested

  5. Very interested in cold air or short ram intakes for 2013 Sienna. 🙂

  6. Weapon R:
    Cold Air Intake
    I Throtte
    2011+ Sienna Van

  7. Do you have an anti sway bar front and rear for 2011 Toyota Sienna limited awd?

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