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Top 10 Chick Magnet Cars & Trucks Under $40,000

We recently had a customer tell us that he was excited about a car he just bought because he knew he’d be able to “pick up chicks”. The discussion of what exactly is a “chick magnet” was all over the place, so we thought it would be fun to put together a list of what the consensus was for the top 10 picks. We went back and forth on these a few times, but feel pretty good about this list. We decided to stick to cars under $40,000 so that the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s wouldn’t be the obvious picks. Here’s what we thought were the top 10 chick magnet cars under $40,000… let us know what you think in the comments below!

#10 Toyota Prius
Not obvious, but deserves to be on the list
We’re crazy right? Everyone agreed that a Toyota Prius is in fact a Chick Magnet. Think about it – The Prius is gentle on the environment, is economical, saves fuel, drives comfortable, and isn’t a race car. A Prius shows you are sensible and responsible, and that’s a trait that would attract many “chicks”.

#9 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 TRD
… it’s a truck, it’s “compact”, and it’s rugged
The Toyota Tacoma is a classic truck and the TRD 4×4 is a more masculine version that fits all of the criteria of a “chick magnet”. It’s great for daily driving and rugged enough to be an offroad contender.

#8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
it’s a Jeep
The Jeep Wrangler has always been a tough truck. The go anywhere and do any thing Wrangler is highly regarded as a tough truck for a tough enthusiast. A tried and true pick as a chick magnet.

#7 Ford Mustang GT
c’mon… it’s a Mustang!
We’re careful here to mention the Ford Mustang GT specifically. We feel that for the Mustang to be a true chick magnet, it has to the at least the GT and up, and have a V8. Can’t beat that classic Mustang muscle car sound either.

#6 Chevy Camaro SS
just barely beat the Mustang
The Camaro is definitely a chick magnet, but like with the Mustang, we felt it was important to call out the SS. The SS is a classic trim, and especially with the latest body style, the SS just stands out. The V8 grumble is a necessity.

#5 Dodge Challenger SRT8
Not as popular as Camaro or Mustang, so it’s more exclusive
The Dodge Challenger SRT8 just barely edged out the Camaro and Mustang here. We feel that since it’s not as popular, it’s got some what of an exclusivity feel. Also, that Hemi sound, and the classic lines of the Challenger make sure the car gets noticed.

#4 Corvette C6 Convertible
Drop the top and pick up the chicks
2005 Chevrolet Corvette
We wanted to pick a Z06, but to stay under the $40,000 limit, we would have to pick a C5. We thought the C6 was so much more of a chick magnet, that we decided it would even be the #4 contender as a base Corvette and not the Z06. We took it one step further and thought that a Corvette C6 Convertible would be the even more of a magnet. This car sure did cause quite as ruckus as we worked on this list – strong opinions.

#3 Audi A5
it’s those daytime running lights…
The Audi’s just have something sexy about them. The daytime running lights, the smooth lines, and the prestige make the Audi A5 nudge into our top 3 spot.

#2 BMW M3 E46
It’s a BMW M3
Just about any BMW can be classified as a chick magnet, but an M3 is a no brainer. Since we wanted to find chick magnets under $40,000, we had to go the older route, so we picked the E46 M3. Can’t go wrong.

#1 Ford F150 Raptor
#1 selling truck for a reason
And here’s our winner… our top pick for the top 10 chick magnets is the Ford F150 Raptor. The F150 could have probably won in a different trim, but the Raptor is what we thought would be the better choice. You would need to get one a few years old to get it under $40,000, but this truck definitely turns heads attracts chicks.

What are your thoughts?
Are we spot on? Have lost our minds? Remember, we had to stick to a $40,000 and under budget. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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