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Subaru BRZ Track Edition in Japan – Lightweight Race BRZ RA


Looking for a full race Subaru BRZ? Look no further… well at least if you are in Japan. Subaru has just introduced the Subaru BRZ RA which has been designed to offer track only qualities that enthusiasts would love.

The Subaru BRZ RA has some pretty nice race only features such as high performance brakes, brake ducts that go into the lower front bumper, removeable tow hooks, a 6 point roll cage, Torsen limited-slip and 4 point harnesses in some racing seats.

The car still makes the same 200 horsepower, so Subaru really wants to emphasize that the joy in driving this car is not supposed to be about the sheer power it produces, but the overall balance, which truly defines a sports car. An engine oil cooler is added.

To reduce weight, Subaru removed the sound system and air conditioning.

By the way… I have no idea why this car has “steelies”, but maybe it’s because Subaru assumes that every BRZ RA sold will end up with some aftermarket wheels and race tires. Thought is that this helps to reduce the cost of the vehicle.

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