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Subaru BRZ STi Turbo – Engine Swap or Next Gen?

The Subaru BRZ hit the US shores and became an instant success. Everyone is talking about the BRZ and it’s Scion FR-S counterpart. However, Subaru is known for it’s STi versions which add not only great appearance additions but plenty of extra power and suspension modifications. The Subaru BRZ is no different, and the Subaru BRZ STi version is planned and coming soon. The only problem is that Subaru has mentioned that the BRZ STi will not be turbo, but will be around 250 horsepower and have a 7500 rpm redline.

Subaru says the BRZ STi will not be turbo because the front of the car has no room for an intercooler and a turbo setup would take away from the appeal of the Impreza WRX and Impreza STi.

We suspect that this will not stop enthusiasts. There are going to be plenty of engine swaps such as the 2.5L Impreza STi turbo or even a V8 swap from a LS1, Lexus IS-F, or others. The forums are buzzing with potential swaps, even a F20 from a Honda S2000 that can be turbo’d to add much extra horsepower.

We’ll keep watching for the latest engine swaps into the BRZ and FR-S and report back here.

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  1. There’s a brz with a 2jzgte out here I utah not sure who built it could be Cobb.

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