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Hey guys, Jon here with Redline360

Today we’re going to review one of our favorite coilovers on the market, BC Racing Coilovers. Not only do we think these coilovers are great from our customer’s own reviews and feedback, but we have them on our own 2012 E92 BMW M3 and we think they are perfect for the street and just awesome on the track.

BC Racing coilovers are 30 way dampening adjustable with simple clicks of the adjustment knob. All the way soft gives you a ride that we think is softer than stock, and all the way firm gives you a track-only, ultra stiff ride. Adjust between front and rear to get you the exact balance that you need. If you are unsure of how to set yours, just send us an email and we can offer suggestions. While other coilovers give you large range of adjustments as well, these coilovers actually make a difference with each click that you can feel.

Many applications also include front camber plates. To check if your specific application includes them, just look at our site at The nice thing about the included camber plates is you can adjust your front camber without having to purchase a separate camber kit which can be $200 to $300 alone.

BC Racing coilovers give you the ability to set your own ride height. Generally even at the highest setting, there is about a one inch drop. At the lowest setting, it’s about a three inch drop. Some applications are available with extreme drop that gives you about an extra inch in adjustability, to really slam the car. For most extreme drop kits, BC Racing also provides special shocks that can handle the added drop.

You can’t go wrong with BC Racing coilovers. Great price, awesome quality, craftsmanship and performance, and a company that stands behind their product.

We are an authorized BC Racing dealer, so when you purchase your coilovers from us, BC Racing will honor their warranty and support. Check our website for a full application list and email us with any questions, we’re here to help.

See you on the track!

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  1. Great article! I want a set of BC coil overs for my 2008 mini cooper s. Your endorsement tells me my research is paying off.I will look you up when I have the funds.

    1. Sounds good Roland! When you’re ready you can order here:


  2. I have a 2007 infiniti M35x, I’m looking to lower the car for good stance but still have a nice ride for a daily drive. What would be your recommendation for a coilover set?

  3. Are those BC coilovers come with front and rear camber?


  4. I have Bc for my Acura TL ans I was trying to figure out the best set up for a stiffer ride which also won’t have little to no bounce at all

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