BMW M3 E92

BMW E92 M3 with a Corvette LT4 engine swap

As a BMW enthusiast, I’m unsure how I feel about this particular engine swap. Yes, the LT4 Corvette engine makes more horsepower and torque than a stock BMW S65, but you’re now rockin’ a BMW that’s no longer BMW powered. What about putting an ESS, VF or Gintani supercharger on your S65 to make the same power, but stay true to BMW? What about swapping in a BMW M5 twin turbo V8? There are plenty of options, but Driftworks went the way of a completely different powertrain and I must say, it’s pretty cool.

The engine bay looks like it all fits pretty well. This engine takes well to power mods when it’s in a Corvette, so I’m sure Driftworks has plenty of room left to increase power even further. With the E92 M3’s wonderful chassis, and the torque of the LT4, his must be an extremely fun and capable car.

What do you guys think of this swap? Would you do it? What swap or power mod would you rather have?

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