BMW M3 E46

2005 BMW E46 M3 Alpine White with 18″ Satin Black APEX ARC8 Square

I wanted to have a classic look for my future classic BMW E46 M3. After much debate and back and forth, I picked the APEX ARC8 setup. I went with the 18×9.5 square setup with +35 offset front and rear. I was debating going with the +22 offset, which would be a better fit in the rear, but was on the fence if I like the look of the front wheels sticking so far out. It’s a popular fitment, but I think for me, the +35 square worked out better to my liking.

The wheels are strong, light, and not very expensive. APEX has a good replacement policy if you happen to bend one at the track and it was also a big plus that I was able to reuse the OEM BMW center caps.

I shot a quick video so you can get a nice walk around of the car and see how the wheels look with the sun light reflecting off of them. I think I would prefer if the wheels were gloss black, but the satin black is pretty nice.

As a side note, after watching this video I realized I need to lower the rear some! 🙂

What do you guys think?

I love the stance of the car from the front. Now I just need to decide if I want to get the CSL front bumper, or keep the USDM bumper. I like both.

Nice shot of the Redline360 sticker in the sun 🙂

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