BMW E46 M3

Top Speed Exhaust – BMW E46 M3 – Install DIY and Sound Clip

I was super excited to make this video because I’m just not a fan of how a performance car sounds with a stock exhaust. I can’t think of one car that sounds worse with an aftermarket exhaust, no matter supercar or not. So when our Top Speed Pro 1 Exhaust came for our 2005 BMW E46 M3, I was super excited to get it installed!

I had some set backs during the install, such as the battery dying, but all in all the install was smooth, the fitment was excellent, and the fit and finish of the exhaust, especially for the price, was awesome.

This exhaust is definitely on the louder side. If you are going to also replace the Section 1, Section 2 and maybe even headers, this exhaust is going to almost sound straight piped, so watch out 🙂

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to quiet the exhaust down. Stay tuned for future videos, and subscribe to us on YouTube to follow along on the build!

In addition, you can see the rest of our BMW E46 M3 Parts catalog and stay tuned as we’re adding more parts and accessories to it daily!

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