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STILLEN Kia Stinger GT Cold Air Intake Sound Clip

As the Kia Stinger GT grows in popularity with performance enthusiasts, performance tuning companies such as STILLEN have taken the lead in creating parts and accessories. One of the more popular upgrades is the STILLEN Hi Flow Air Intake Kit that gives your Stinger GT a whopping 25 horsepower and 31 lb/ft of torque increase (to the wheels!) with nothing more than a simple bolt on. No tuning, hassle or fuss required!

In the video above, we show you how amazing the STILLEN intake looks under the hood and how the car sounds when it’s installed. You instantly hear the blow off valves, some turbo spool and much more induction noise. Music to our ears.

Order here: STILLEN Hi-Flow Air Intake Kia Stinger GT RWD/AWD 3.3TT (18-20) Oiled or Dry Filter

The STILLEN intake replaces the restrictive factory intake box and filter with an enclosed urethane air box designed by STILLEN and a high flow K&N reusable/washable air filter. Easy install in your driveway or garage.

I’m extremely impressed with the build quality and craftsmanship that went into designing this intake. STILLEN even took their test Stinger GT on a 5000 mile road trip to ensure the car performed flawlessly, had no drivability issues, and performed as promised. A must for any Kia Stinger GT enthusiast!

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