New Nissan Z reported to have 400HP and Nismo to have 500HP with a retro design

The Nissan 370Z has been around for a long time with no updates. Nissan has been known lately to keep such cars as the 370Z and GT-R the same year over year with small tweaks. Considering Nissan had a big sales drop in 2019 over the previous year, Nissan is really under pressure to release something new and updated that is going to catch enthusiasts attention and bring people back to the brand.

Reports show that the next Nissan Z car will sport a Twin Turbo V6 from the Infiniti 3.0L Q50 and Q60 Red Sport. This his going to be a big win for enthusiasts as those motors have proven to be great power plants that can create a lot of power over the stock configuration. These engines produce around 400hp.

There will also be a Nismo version that is said to have 500HP and that is going to likely be from the same motor with different tuning and likely a freer flowing exhaust and intake.

There are also reports that it will have a unique retro look, so we’re going to keep our eyes open for that as it looks to follow the retro remakes of the latest Mustangs, Camaro and Challenger models that is making them more popular than ever.

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