Mazda Miata MX5 Supercharger Kit Making 258 Horsepower

If you want more power in your Mazda Miata MX5 and want forced induction, BBR has introduced their supercharger kit that has your name all over it. The BBR Supercharger kit comes complete with everything you need to make 258 horsepower with the base tune on the 2.0L motor.

BBR includes the Stage 1 Supercharger Kit that includes an Eaton Supercharger, intercooler, high flow injectors, custom air box, and a StarChip ECU for the engine tuning. It all works together to produce a big boost in power over stock while maintaining excellent drive-ability and reliability. However, to make the 258 horsepower, you will need the Stage 2 kit as the Stage 1 is good for about 217.

Above you can see that the Supercharger is based on a modified version of a Cosworth kit that is then based on an Eaton.

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