Jeremey’s 2015 Honda Civic Si on D2 Lowering Springs


Our customer, Jeremy, came to us looking to lower his 2015 Honda Civic Si. He decided on the 2015 Civic Si D2 Racing Lowering Springs to lower his car 2.0″ in the front and 2.0″ in the rear. With their lifetime warranty, progressive spring rate, and great price, he was excited to get them on the car!


Above is the car after the springs have been installed. We think it’s a perfect drop and makes the car look much better by cleaning up the stock wheel gap.

The car looks great Jeremy, glad you like it!

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  1. How does it ride with the d2 racing springs on?

  2. Stock tires?

  3. Did you need to put much camber on it??

  4. I am difinitely going to drop my car which happens to be just like yours except mine is an ex-l. I was given a set of 20 inch TSW’s by my girlfriend who didn’t know anything much about rims for my car. I myself would have gone for 19’s at most. The car does look nice in my opinion and rides pretty smooth. Im riding on 225/35-20 and so there is a gap between the tire and fender which hate to look at! I’m just confused as to how low I can drop it without risking damaging my tires by rubbing or maybe worse. Any advice you might have would be very appreciated. Thanks. Edy Gines

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