HKS Hipermax Coilovers for the Toyota Supra GR with SEC Canceler

When you think of HKS, you think of one of the most popular and most respected Japanese tuners. HKS without a doubt produces not only some of the fastest race cars, dominating in all kinds of motorsports and competition, but also some of the fastest and most reliable performance street cars as well. So when HKS comes out with a new product, such as these HKS MAX IV SP x Hipermax Coilovers for the Toyota Supra GR, we get super excited.

Above: Expert craftsmanship that you expect from HKS

The HKS coilovers for the Supra GR have a super long name, but they are also packed with features and performance that will rival coilovers that cost twice as much. These come in at a retail price of $3600 and come with a special SEC or (Suspension Error Canceler) which keeps your car from displaying a warning when changing the factory dampening adjustable suspension. These include camber plates and all of the features you’d expect from HKS.

Above: Stunning quality

To see our full line of coilovers for the Supra, see the links below:

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