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GrimmSpeed Chase JB400 and Overtake BB500 Turbo Kits

The all new GrimmSpeed Chase JB400 and Overtake BB500 Turbocharger Kits are now officially released and can be sold to the general public

Chase JB400 Turbocharger

 The Chase JB400 Turbo is the smaller of our two offerings, however packs a big punch. This journal bearing unit is a perfect bolt-on to any stage 3 car, with which you are able to maximize the engine’s power potential with instant results through installation/tuning. The Chase JB400 features a robust 49lb compressor wheel, with a 53mm turbine wheel to offer quick response and power in the mid-range where you need it. The Chase Version was able to hit 440WHP and 460WTQ on The GrimmSpeed Stage 3-equipped 2020 STI with the addition of only tuning and fuel mods. The impressive bit is that the vehicle was able to hold over 400WTQ from 4150RPM, an RPM range where the stock turbo begins to lose power. Compared to a tuned stock turbo STI, the Chase 400 was able to produce 70 more horsepower and 66 more ft/lbs of torque [with room for more with additional mods!]

Overtake BB500 Turbocharger

The GrimmSpeed Overtake BB500 features world class power delivery and quick spool characteristics. It remains a stock location EJ turbo, but features a larger 55lb compressor wheel and massive 60mm turbine wheel to allow the engine to really breathe at high RPM. Just like with the Chase JB400, drivability was our #1 goal and by combining slick aero wheel designs with a dual ceramic ball bearing center housing rotating assembly, we were able to achieve superior spool results. This allowed us to hit 20PSI BEFORE 4100RPM and out-spool our well-performing Chase turbo by an impressive 150 RPM! When bolted onto our 2020 STI Shop Car, we were able to produce 488WHP and 515WTQ. However, the most impressive part is that the Overtake Turbocharger is able to hold 400WTQ+ from 4000RPM and hold over 400WHP from 4250RPM all the way to Redline! The design philosophy was to keep the turbo in its powerband after shifts and to hold substantially more power than the stock turbo to redline. The Overtake produced 129 horsepower and 109 ft/lbs of torque over a tuned stock STI turbo. This was all accomplished on a vehicle with only simple bolts-on, cars with additional engine work such as cams, intake manifolds, etc. will be able to produce even higher gains!

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