Fisker Karma Catches on Fire and Caught on Video

Fisker was in the news this weekend for a fire that affected one of their Fisker Karma cars in Woodside, CA which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fisker has had issues in the past with people saying their cars have various problems and the last thing they need is this new story of their car catching on fire. In order to do damage control, Fisker quickly evaluated the problem and said that the issue didn’t actually happen due to a problem with their engine or technology, but rather a “random” fire that occurred in the wheel well on the driver side.

Fisker was not looking forward to a report to come out saying the car had electrical problems that could cause the fire, so they worked with an outside investigation agency called Pacific Rim Investigative Group and as of now, they have determined the problem to be something else.

It looks like they are going to release all of their findings from the investigation soon and many people are waiting for those results.

You can see the fire in process from the video above.

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