Casting “Formula Drift: The Movie”

I’m kind of a Formula Drift fan-boy. I try to catch every event and I have followed the series grow from what many thought was a flash in the pan into the fastest growing Motorsport in this century. Part of what makes FD so great is that everyone has their own hero – someone in FD that they love to follow. Think about it – there is everything from Ford to Chevy, Nissan, Scion, Turbo, V8, Rednecks, Surfers, American’s, Japanese, and Australian’s and don’t forget about all the drivers from Europe. Everyone can find someone that they share some kind of motorsport bond with.

All of this makes Formula Drift so great. As I reflect on the fact that FD is about to start it’s tenth season, it got me thinking about what the next 10 years are going to look like for FD fans. I couldn’t help but think, man… this is going to make an awesome movie one day!

Long story short, I don’t know why it took me so long to do this! Since each driver has their own distinct and unique character, I couldn’t help but think which actor would play what driver or member of the FD community if they were to make a movie.

So here’s what I came up with so far:

Jarod DeAnda
The Voice of Formula Drift

Updated: Vince Vaughn replaces Jack Black
Jim Liaw
President and Co-Founder of FD

Russell Wong
Ryan Sage
Co-Founder of FD

Jason Statham
Fredric Aasbo
2010 Rookie Of the Year

Dolph Lundgren
Rhys Millen
2005 Formula Drift Champion

Matthew McConaughey
Dai Yoshihara
2011 Formula Drift Champion

John Cho
Matt Powers
Team Need for Speed

Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar
Darren McNamara
Irish Pro Drift Champ

Rhys Ifans
Ryan Tuerck
Drift Alliance Member

Shia Labeouf
Tony Angelo
Drift Alliance Founder

AJ McLean
Chris Forsberg
2009 Formula Drift Champ

Damian Lewis
Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2010 Formula Drift Champ

Randy Quaid
Daigo Saito Jr.
2012 Formula Drift Champ

Yuji Okumoto aka (Chozen)
Walker Wilkerson
2011 Rookie Of the Year
Runner Up

Jimmy Fallon

Updated with reader suggestions

Danny George
Formula Drift Rookie

Jack Black
Joey Redmond
Wrecked Magazine

Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Jacob Leveton
Driftstream Host

Edward Norton
Mike Kojima
MotoIQ Editor & Chief

Masi Oka

This list is by no means comprehensive, but I wanted to leave some of the fun for the rest of you. Who would you cast as your favorite Formula Drift driver or figure? Add your own casting suggestions in the comments below, or tweet them to @Redline360, and we’ll incorporate some of our favorite recommendations back into the article.

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  1. The only person annoying enough to play Jarod DeAnda would be Gilbert Godfrey.

  2. just thinking that Chris Forsberg would be a young Chuck Norris ???

  3. Johnny Galecki would play Michael Essa.

  4. Fredric Aasbo should be played by Vanilla Ice!

  5. Please tell me that Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister will play Mike Peters.

    And spot on with Vaughn being played by Randy Quaid.

  6. Roland Gallagher – Steve Buscemi
    Conrad Grunewald – Adam Sandler w/ goatee

    Jack Black should be Danny George and I second Chuck Norris as Chris Forsberg, DeAnda should be some one like Vince Vaughn

  7. Tanner foust should be gopher grace. Unfortunately he is t part of FD anymore

  8. Burt Reynolds as Corey Hosford

  9. Corey Hosford is Jerry Reed.

  10. Danny McBride as Nick D’Alessio

  11. Jacob Leveton could be played by Paul Walker

  12. Ken gushi as Leonardo Nam

  13. Chuck Norris as Chris Forsberg
    Leonardo Dicaprio as Corey Hosford
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ryan Kado
    Elijah Wood as Darren McNamara
    Justin Timberlake as Justin Pawlak
    Ryan Gosling as Matt Field

  14. Ken gushi as Jay Chou.

  15. Kevin Connolly as Kevin Wells

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